To become certified as a Virginia Clean Marina, a marina must meet all legal and regulatory standards and implement best management practices (BMPs) as outlined in the Clean Marina Award Checklist. These criteria are drawn directly from the best management practices described in the chapters in the Virginia Clean Marina Guidebook.

The process is simple. First, marina operator will conduct a self-assessment using the evaluation checklist, which contains criteria taken directly from the Clean Marina Guidebook, and return it to the Virginia Clean Marina program coordinator. If the marina does not meet the minimum percentage of criteria on the checklist, they can join the Clean Marina Program as a pledge. Pledges will receive public recognition by the Clean Marina Program, but they need to submit a yearly notice of their intent to continue working towards Clean Marina status. This level gives the marina one year to implement BMPs before re-evaluation.

If the marina does meet the criteria, members of the Marina Technical and Environmental Advisory Committee (MTEAC) will visit and evaluate the business using the marina’s self-assessment checklist as a guide. If the marina’s checklist matches the true operations, the facility will be recommended for Clean Marina status. The MTEAC will review the recommendation and, if the review is positive, the marina will be granted Clean Marina status. If the marina does not meet the minimum criteria, VCMP will continue to work with them until they do meet the criteria.

To support the VCMP, the Marina Technical Advisory Program will conduct reviews of Clean Marinas, will hold workshops to continue providing education to marina owners, operators and staff, and will provide technical assistance on an as-needed basis.


The initial certification as a Virginia Clean Marina is good for three years. At the end of that period the marina is required to go through a re-certification. The process is easy and conducted entirely on line. The marina will receive an email directing them to a site containing a Clean Marina Designation Recertification Checklist.

This list is the same as the one that was completed by the marina prior to being certified.  The checklist is to be completed and scores computed for each Area. The marina must meet or exceed their previous score in each Area to be qualified for recertification.

The Marina Technical Advisory Panel will review the submission and, if all is in order, issue a recertification to the marina that is good for another three years.