On-Shore Facilities

  • Ampro Shipyard & Diesel
    Ampro Shipyard & Diesel   Ampro Shipyard & Diesel along the Rappahannock River is home port for the 93-foot RV {em}Virginia{/em}.   © Ampro Shipyard & Diesel.
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The Virginia Institute of Marine Science's research vessel Virginia is berthed at Ampro Shipyard & Diesel in Weems, Virginia. It offers a 50-ton crane for loading and unloading of large equipment and a host of other amenities.

The shipyard lies on Carters Cove, approximately a quarter mile from its confluence with the Rappahannock River, a major tributary of Chesapeake Bay. The shipyard is 43 miles north of the VIMS campus in Gloucester Point; about a one-hour drive.

Directions to Ampro Shipyard & Diesel