Lab Equipment

The exact complement of laboratory equipment aboard the  R/V Virginia will be determined once the vessel is fully operational. We anticipate offering a Multibeam Echosounder in the near future, with mounting hardware and electronic infrastructure in place for both the Simrad EK80 split-beam sonar and the Kongsberg EM 2040 multibeam sonar.

Deck Equipment

The R/V Virginia has the equipment required to perform trawl surveys, bathometric and seismic surveys, deep-water plankton surveys, and coring operations. It can also deploy and retrieve scientific moorings, as well as ROVs (tethered) and AUVs (untethered).

A-Frame with an 8,000-lb safe working load for over-the-stern lifting operations.
Side mounted J-frame with 4,000-lb safe-working load for deployment and retrieval of CTDs and hydrographic instruments.
Knuckle-boom deck crane supports load-handling operations
Three winches for deploying nets, CTDs, and other oceanographic instruments.
Teledyne Workhorse 300 kHz Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)