Pre-2004 Top Stories

Rising sea level increases hurricane risk

A new analysis of sea-level records by VIMS emeritus professor Dr. John Boon suggests that future storms will pose ever greater flood risks.

"One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"

Researchers at VIMS and W&M are combining high-resolution side-scan sonar, sophisticated image analysis, and robotics to identify and count fish.

Hurricane Isabel hinders VIMS research

Storm-surge, waves, and wind destroyed VIMS’ research piers,claimed 18,000 square feet of workspace, and displaced 34 scientific and support personnel.

VIMS scientists quantify Isabel's impacts

Researchers deploy instruments that provide a unique quantitative record of Hurricane Isabel's impact on lower Chesapeake Bay.

Collaborative program helps fulfill students' dreams

Faculty at VIMS and Hampton University are using a new 4-year National Science Foundation grant to help diversify the nation's future marine and environmental science workforce.

VIMS researchers win 5-year, $1.7 million NSF award

A multi-institution team headed by VIMS researchers has received a 5-year, $1.7 million NSF grant to study the role that plankton play in the consumption and production of dissolved organic matter in the ocean.

Vecchione studies seamount biodiversity

VIMS adjunct Mike Vecchione studies the poorly known ecosystems of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge as part of a Census of Marine Life project called MAR-ECO.

Steinberg conducts zooplankton census

VIMS researchers are conducting the first-ever census of plankton diversity in the western North Atlantic. Their efforts are part of a U.S. initiative to create an on-line database of marine animal and plant distributions.

Moore goes with flow to monitor water quality and seagrasses

A team of VIMS scientists led by Dr. Ken Moore is using two new high-tech sensors to track Virginia’s commitment to the water-quality standards of “Chesapeake 2000,” the Chesapeake Bay Program’s most recent blueprint for Bay restoration and protection.

VIMS to begin new ecosystem management study

The Virginia Environmental Endowment will fund an innovative three-year project to develop a model for multi-species management of sustainable fisheries within Chesapeake Bay.