2011 Top Stories

VIMS receives grants to study key Chesapeake Bay species

Eleven research teams from VIMS have received funding from NOAA’s Chesapeake Bay Office to study species that play an important role in the Bay’s ecology, commercial fisheries, and recreational angling.

In Memoriam: Professor Rebecca Dickhut

VIMS mourns the passing of Professor Rebecca Dickhut, a valued member of the VIMS community and an internationally recognized expert in the field of environmental science.

VIMS educator receives MAMEA Award

Carol Hopper Brill of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science receives the Informal Educator Award from the Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association.

VIMS graduate student receives EPA CARE grant

Erica Holloman will work with community groups to identify and reduce risks from toxic pollution in the Southeast Community, a historically African-American and highly industrialized area of Newport News.

Beloved eel is no moray

Dill Pickle, a large green moray eel that had fascinated and educated countless visitors to VIMS during the past decade, passed away in late September.

VIMS team wins Governor’s Technology Award

VIMS professor Harry Wang and colleagues win a prestigious award for their leading role in developing and applying the Chesapeake Bay Inundation Prediction System.

VIMS research team returns to the Amazon plume

VIMS researchers join an international team to study how the Amazon River's huge freshwater plume affects the biology and chemistry of the Atlantic Ocean.

Oyster aquaculture on upswing in Virginia

A new report from VIMS and Virginia Sea Grant shows the Commonwealth’s oyster aquaculture industry is poised to begin its biggest growth spurt ever.

VIMS prof wins grant to study wind’s effect on “dead zones”

Professor Carl Friedrichs and colleagues have received a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation to observe and model how wind affects the development of low-oxygen “dead zones” in Chesapeake Bay and the York River.

Students at VIMS pursue small fishes

An international group of students visits VIMS to learn about the eggs, larvae, and juveniles of 180 different fish families.

VIMS professor voted AERS President-Elect

VIMS professor Mark Brush has been voted president-elect of the Atlantic Estuarine Research Society, the mid-Atlantic regional affiliate of the international Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation.

VIMS partners with schooner Alliance for “Science Under Sail”

VIMS and Yorktown Sailing Charters have begun a unique partnership to share knowledge of Chesapeake Bay and its marine life with passengers aboard the schooner Alliance during two-hour “Science Under Sail” cruises on the York River.

2010 VIMS Awards

VIMS Dean and Director John Wells bestows service and student awards on selected individuals from the VIMS community during the Institute's annual Award Ceremony.

‘Ghost Pot’ removal program has successful year

Watermen haul up more than 10,000 derelict crab pots and fishing nets from Chesapeake Bay in the third year of Virginia’s one-of-a-kind Marine Debris Removal Program.

VIMS strives to make every day Earth Day

In addition to its ongoing work to protect and restore Chesapeake Bay, VIMS has redoubled its efforts to promote the “green” infrastructure and activities that are celebrated on Earth Day.

VIMS professor testifies before U.S. House subcommittee

VIMS professor Roger Mann testifies before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans, and Insular Affairs in regards to the "Chesapeake Bay Accountability and Recovery Act of 2011."

Emeritus professor passes away at 85

Junius Ernest Warinner, III retired from VIMS as an adjunct assistant professor in 1991 following a notable 30-year career.

Public-private partnership aids oyster industry

Local oyster growers and VIMS researchers find that moving farmed oysters into saltier waters just prior to harvest nearly eliminates the presence of a bacterium that can sicken humans.

Pioneering VIMS scientist passes away at 92

Professor emeritus Dexter Haven was a pioneer in early shellfish studies in Chesapeake Bay, and lead author of what many consider the seminal paper on the Bay's oyster stock and fishery.

Local high school wins 4th straight Blue Crab Bowl

Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School wins the 2011 Blue Crab Bowl, a record-setting 4th straight victory in the region's premier academic contest in marine science.

Canuel selected as Leopold Fellow

VIMS professor awarded prestigious fellowship to enhance skills in communicating science to citizens and policymakers.

Smith team glides into polar research

Tests of a free-swimming underwater glider in the icy waters of Antarctica mark the most southerly glider deployment ever and the first successful glider dive beneath the Ross Ice Shelf.

Staffers honored for coastal access website

Margaret Pizer and Lisa Lawrence receive a BoatUS Recreational Boating Access Award for their work on the "Accessing the Virginia Coast" website.

VIMS names new Associate Dean of Academic Studies

Professor Linda Schaffner of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science will oversee the graduate and undergraduate programs of the College of William and Mary’s School of Marine Science at VIMS.