Kelley Watson Fellowship

The Kelley Watson Fellowship recognizes a student who exhibits academic excellence and leadership and has excelled in the core courses during the first year of graduate study. The fellowship is named in memory of Kelley Watson, a member of the incoming class of September 2000 who impressed her teachers and fellow students with her enthusiasm, commitment to academic excellence, and strong promise for a successful marine science career.

This year the core course instructors have selected Jonathan Lefcheck for the Kelley Watson Fellowship.

Jonathan LefcheckIt is a pleasure to recognize Jonathan Lefcheck as the worthy recipient of the Kelley Watson Fellowship. Jon first came to VIMS in summer 2008 as an REU intern with an impressive record of research experience, an active interest in a broad range of ideas, and a general enthusiasm and positive attitude. Jon immediately integrated into the Marine Biodiversity Lab, proving himself to be bright, thoughtful, goal-oriented, and mature. He was a natural at both independent and collaborative research, and amply demonstrated the innate love of scientific inquiry that is key to a successful long-term career in research. Jon's performance during the often tumultuous first year has amply confirmed the early evidence of his promise. During that short time he has excelled in coursework, dove into the primary literature, begun developing a novel plan for a dissertation project, and initiated pilot research to begin testing his ideas about the interactions among environmental stress, community assembly, and invasion. Jon has that unusual combination of intelligence, intellectual curiosity, creativity, appropriate ambition, and the right balance of independence and collaborative spirit to become a leader in science.

Jon is a most worthy recipient of the Kelley Watson Fellowship.

Congratulations, Jon!