Outstanding Professionals and Professional Faculty Award

The VIMS Outstanding Professionals and Professional Faculty Administrator Award honors a continuing record of excellence, a singular outstanding performance, or both.

The 2017 award goes to Ms. Pam Mason.

Pam Mason with Dean & Director John Wells following the Awards Ceremony. © C. Katella/VIMS.During her time at VIMS, Pam has made astounding contributions as a member of the Center for Coastal Resources Management. The quality of her work has also earned her a strong presence in state, regional, and national circles of coastal resource management professionals.

Most recently, Pam has worked to develop two websites, and, that combine information from multiple collaborators into an accessible platform, geared for target audiences who seek to adapt to climate change along the coast.

Pam’s leadership and technical skills mean that she is often requested to lead workgroups, including the annual VIMS/CCRM Wetlands Workshop, which helps disseminate research to educate members of local Wetland Boards. Her expertise has also been called on to synthesize novel data sets and help solve problems in a variety of research and data-management capacities.

Pam’s excellent record has allowed her to secure multiple grants and fellowships as lead or co-PI, including just under 1 million dollars in grant funding in 2017. Nominators regard her as an indispensable asset to not only VIMS, but to coastal resource management initiatives in the state and region.