Request to Film @ VIMS

A film crew in action at VIMS.

Thank you for your interest in using the Virginia Institute of Marine Science as a location for your upcoming production. The Communications & Marketing Team coordinates all aspects of commercial filming and photography at VIMS, with authority extending to the following locations:

Note 1: Commercial filming aboard any research vessels owned and operated by VIMS is currently prohibited due to Coast Guard regulations.

Note 2: VIMS requires a certificate of liability insurance and proof of Worker’s Compensation insurance for all production crews before they can shoot on site.


All still photography and filming/taping at the locations listed above is considered to be commercial work. The only exceptions are photography and filming by:

  • news organizations for news purposes,
  • students as part of coursework,
  • invited visitors for personal use or sharing, or
  • faculty and staff affiliated with VIMS and/or William & Mary.
  • "Filming"—The act of photographing, filming, videoing, digital imaging, or the transmission of visual or audio signals in any form or format now known or hereafter developed, whether for live or delayed broadcast.
  • "Shoot"—Any Filming activities taking place on premises owned or operated by VIMS as described above.
  • “Location(s)”—Specific area or areas on premises owned or operated by VIMS to be used in the Shoot.
  1. Please review our Location-Shoot Guidelines prior to contacting our office.
  2. [[vimspr,E-mail us]] to request permission to film. We recommended that you submit your request at least 2 weeks in advance.
  3. Once your request is received, the Communications & Marketing Team will review and determine if VIMS can host the production. We make every effort to accommodate requests, but those made during busy times may be difficult to facilitate due to staff and resource limitations. Photography and filming is only allowed when least likely to disrupt research and coursework activities.
  4. If your request to film is approved, VIMS will provide a formal Location Shoot Agreement. An authorized representative of the production company must complete and sign this agreement, and pay any related fees, before any filming can take place.
Request Existing Media

[[vimspr, Contact our office]] to request an existing media resource from VIMS, or browse our Flickr albums or YouTube channel for public domain photos and videos.