Communicating Your Science

A guide to recent books and web resources on writing, presentation skills, public speaking and media relations.

Communicating Results: Writing and Presenting

Online resources are available to the W&M community. The books listed below are available at Hargis Library. Check the catalog for availabliity at other campus libraries.

Advice on Writing Theses and Making Posters / John Hoenig, VIMS Department of Fisheries Science. open access

Chicago guide to your career in science: a toolkit for scientists and postdocs / Victor Bloomfield, Esam El-Fakahany. Table of Contents
Q147 B56 2008

Communicating science : a practical guide / Pierre Laszlo.  google preview
Q223 .L37 2006

Communicating science effectively: a practical handbook for integrating visual elements / J.E. Thomas.
Q223 C6543 2006

Communicating in science : writing a scientific paper and speaking at scientific meetings / Vernon Booth.
Q223 .B664 1993

The craft of editing : a guide for managers, scientists, and engineers / Michael Alley
T11.4 .A43 2000

The craft of research : from planning to reporting / Booth, Wayne C.
Q180.55 .M4 B66

The craft of scientific presentations : critical steps to succeed and critical errors to avoid / Michael Alley.
Q223 .A38 2003 online and print / Q223 .A38 2013 2nd ed. print

The craft of scientific writing 3rd ed. / Michael Alley.
T11 .A37 1996

Design of scientific posters / Penn State open access

Designing conference posters / Colin Purrington open access

Doing science : design, analysis, and communication of scientific research / Ivan Valiela. google preview
Q180 .A1 V35 2009 2nd ed. / 2001 ed. online

Don't be such a scientist: talking substance in an age of style / Randy Olsen  google preview
Q223 O47 2009 print / online 

Effective communication skills for scientific and technical professionals / Harry Chambers.

Elements of Style for Writing Scientific Journal Articles / Elsevier Publishing Connect Series

English Communication for Scientists
Brief guide on how to communicate more effectively in English. Developed with non-native speakers in mind, it should prove useful to native speakers as well. It will help in understanding basic communication strategies and addressing various audiences.

English for research : usage, style, and grammar /  Adrian Wallwork.
LB2369 .W35 2013

English for writing research papers  /  Adrian Wallwork.
PE1475 .W355 2011

Explaning research: how to reach key audiences to advance your work / Meredith Dennis  google preview
Q223 M399 2010 print / online

Escape from the ivory tower: a guide to making your science matter / Nancy Bower  google preview
Q223 B37 2010 print / online

From research to manuscript: a guide to scientific writing / Michael J. Katz. 2nd ed.  google preview
T11 K345 2009

Guide to writing empirical papers, theses, and dissertations / G. David. Garson.  google preview
LB2369 .G27 2002

A guide to writing in the sciences / Andrea A. Gilpin.  google preview
T11 .G53 2000

Handbook of science communication / Anthony Wilson.   Chapter 4: : Working with the media -- preparing for interviews.

How to write a thesis / Rowena Murray. 2011.  Table of contents

How to write and illustrate a scientific paper / Bjorn Gustavii. 2nd ed.
T11 .G86 2008

How to write & present technical information / Charles Sides

How to write & publish a scientific paper 6th ed./ Robert Day.
T11 .D33 2006

On being a scientist: responsible conduct in research./ Committee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy. open access
Selected Contents: Values in science-- conflict of interest -- publication and openness -- allocation of credit -- authorship credit
Q180 A1 O5 2009

Peer review and manuscript management in scientific journals : guidelines for good practice / Irene Hames. Table of contents
Q225.5 .H255 2007

Practising science communication in the information age. / Richard Holliman
Q223 .P73 2009

Presenting at conferences, seminars and meetings / Kerry Shephard.
PN4121 .S423 2005

Presenting Data: how to communicate your message effectively / Ed Swires-Hennessy
T10.5 .S95 2014

Presenting science: a practical guide to giving a good talk / Cigdem Issever.
Q223 I87 2010

Presentation skills for scientists: a practical guide / Edward Zanders
Q223 Z36 2010

Publish, Not Perish: The Art & Craft of Publishing in Scholarly Journals / Univ. of Colorado Libraries open access
A tutorial focusing on publishing in scholarly journals. Log in by choosing "other". In viewing this site, you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of scholarly publishing in an academic career
  • List the essential steps of planning and writing a scholarly paper.
  • Develop a personal publication plan
  • Compare and contrast the different publishing models currently in use
  • Describe the types of articles you can write
  • List the pros and cons of collaborative authoring
  • Describe the tools and resources a scholarly writer needs to have on hand

The MIT guide to science and engineering communication / James G. Paradis.

Rethinking the design of presentation slides/ Michael Alley. open access

Science and technical writing : a manual of style / Philip Rubens.

Scientific communication for natural resource professionals / Cecil Jennings
Q223 .S25 2012

Scientific papers and presentations / Martha Davis.
T11 .D324 1997

Scientific English : a guide for scientists and other professionals / Robert Day.
PE1475 .D38 2011

Scientifically speaking : tips for preparing and delivering scientific talks and using visual aids/ Ann Gargett.
Q224 .S354 2005

Scientific writing : easy when you know how / Jennifer Peat.

Sharing knowledge: a guide to effective science communication / Julian Cribb.

A short guide to writing about biology 6th ed. / Jan Pechenik.
QH304 .P43 2007

Speaking about science : a manual for creating clear presentations / Scott Morgan.
Q223 .M67 2006

Speaking in public about science:  a quick guide for the preparation of good lectures, seminars, and scientific presentations / UP Albuquerque
Q181.3 .A43 2015

A student handbook for writing in biology 2nd ed./ Karin Knisely. Table of contents
QH304 .K59 2005

Successful science communication : telling it like it is / David Bennett
Q223 .S884 2011

Visual strategies : a practical guide to graphics for scientists & engineers / Felice Frankel
Q223 .F73 2012

When the scientist presents: an audio and video guide to science talks / Jean-Luc Lebrun
Q224 L43 2010

Writing for science / Robert Goldbort. 2006.
Contents: Scientific English -- laboratory notes -- workplace scientific writing -- documentation of scientific sources -- scientific visuals -- scientific presentations -- scientific dissertations -- scientific journal articles -- scientific grant proposals.

Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students open access
Contents: Guidelines for writing, advice, models and exercises. Covers presentations, posters, reports, proposals and more.

Writing papers in the biological sciences 4th ed./ Vicky McMillan.
QH304 .M36 2006

Writing scientific research articles: strategy and steps / Margaret Cargill
T11 C327 2013

Writing the successful thesis and dissertation: entering the conversation / Irene Clark. 2006.

Writing your dissertation in fifteen minutes a day : a guide to starting, revising, and finishing your doctoral thesis 1st ed./ Joan Bolker.
LB2369 .B57 1998

Writing successful science proposals/ Andrew Friedland.
Q180.55 .P7 F75 2000

Citation Guides

The ACS style guide : effective communication of scientific information 3rd ed. / AM. Coghill et al
QD8.5 .A25 2006

A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations : Chicago Style for students and researchers 8th edition.
Reference LB2369 .T8 2013  /   7th ed. LB2369 .T8 2007 Stacks

Research and documentation in the electronic age / Diana Hacker
ZA4375 .H327 2010

Scientific Style and Format: the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers / Council of Science Editors.
Reference T11 .S386 2006

Public Speaking

7 steps to fearless speaking / Lilyan Wilder.

Am I making myself clear? : a scientist's guide to talking to the public./ Cornelia Dean
Q223 D43 2009 print and online

The complete idiot's guide to Public speaking. 2nd ed./ Laurie Rozakis.

Dazzle'em with style: the art of oral scientific presentation / Robert Anholt
Q223 .A63 2006

In the line of fire: how to handle tough questions when it counts / Jerry Weissman.

Mastering public speaking : how to prepare and deliver winning presentations and successful speeches / Anne Nicholls.

Secrets of power presentations: overcome your fear of public speaking, build rapport and credibility with your audience, prepare and deliver a dynamic presentation / Micki Holliday.

Speak with confidence: powerful presentations that inform, inspire, and persuade/ Dianna Daniels Booher.

The truth about confident presenting / James O'Rourke.

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Science, the Media and Politics

Communicating global change science to society : an assessment and case studies / Holm Tiessen
P96 Q180 .L37 C65 2007

Communicating uncertainty : media coverage of new and controversial science / Sharon Friedman.
Contents: Scientists' representations of uncertainty / How journalists deal with scientific uncertainty / Public responses to uncertainty / Scientists, journalists, and the meaning of uncertainty /Interpreting uncertainty : a panel discussion / Popular beliefs, media, and biotechnology / Never-ending story of dioxin / Uncertain social contract : the case of human resources for science / Reporting on the changing science of human behavior /Science in the public arena : a panel discussion / Importance of understanding audiences / Effective explanation of uncertain and complex science / Using systematic thinking to choose and evaluate evidence / Beyond the basics : a roundtable discussion /

Communicating science: a primer for working with the media / Holly Menninger
P96 S33 M46 2008

Embargoed science / Vincent Kiernan.
An overview of news about science and medicine -- A brief history of embargoes in science journalism-- Accuracy in science journalism -- Costs of the embargo -- The embargo should go.
Q225 .K48 2006

Freedom to speak? a report card on federal agency media policies / Union of Concerned Scientists. 2008. open access

Frontiers of illusion : science, technology, and the politics of progress / Daniel R. Sarewitz.
Q127 .U6 S25 1996

On being a scientist: a guide to responsible conduct in research / National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering and Institute of Medicine. 3rd ed. Video clip open access
Q180 A1 O5 2009

Rescuing science from politics : regulation and the distortion of scientific research / Wendy Wagner.
Q125 .R48 2006

The role of scientific and technical data and information in the public domain : proceedings of a symposium

Science and the media: alternative routes in scientific communication / Massimiano Bucchi.

Science and the media: Delgado's brave bulls and the ethics of scientific disclosure/ Peter Snyder
Q223 S665 2009

Scientist's guide to talking with the media: practical advice from the Union of Concerned Scientists. / Richard Hayes.  google preview
Contents: We need to talk -- Hope for the best, prepare for the worst -- Why reporters do what they do --Do you hear what you're saying? -- Mastering the interview -- A reporter's most trusted source : you --Choosing the right communication tools -- The scientist as celebrity and activist.
Q225 .H39 2006

Unscientific America: how scientific illiteracy threatens our future. / Chris Mooney
Q149 .U5 M66 2009