Personnel on VIMS' piers

The following basic guidelines apply to personnel working, conducting research or observing from VIMS' piers.  They were developed by Tom Grose and Roger Mann.

  1. If working, sampling or conducting research along portions of piers not equipped with secure safety rails, individuals are required to wear Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs).  If required to reach or lean out between or over the tops of rails, PFDs are required as well.  If simply walking out on piers for observation purposes, stay well away from those sections of pier not equipped with safety rails.
  2. Employ the "Buddy System," when working or conducting research out on piers.  Having a friend or colleague along to observe or assist helps to insure overall safety and response if an incident were to occur.
  3. Please take note of Life Rings and Rescue Line deployed along piers and be ready to use one should someone fall overboard.
  4. Please note that fishing or crabbing is prohibited on VIMS' piers unless a part of legitimate research.
  5. Please ensure lines and equipment deployed from piers are kept neat and properly stowed out of walkways.  When research is complete, please promptly remove all equipment to minimize potential trip/falls.
  6. Please lock gates when leaving VIMS' piers to deter unauthorized personnel access to these locations.