Severe Storm Preparedness / Response Information

From time to time, the Institute experiences severe storms.  The following information is provided to assist VIMS personnel to prepare for storms and safeguard equipment, resources, and personnel.

Hurricane, Tropical Storm, Nor'easter

  • Investigators with experiments or equipment that cannot be shut down (i.e.things that should be plugged into emergency generators) should contact their Department Heads well before the storm. Do NOT call Facilities Management directly. Department Heads will coordinate communicating their department's needs to Facilities Management.
  • Everyone should look around and secure or move anything outside that is at risk of blowing away or being flooded. Anything on the pier or immediately along the waterfront is especially vulnerable. Again, it's easier to do the outside work before the rain and wind start.
  • Prepare to protect computers and the like that are near windows.

Announcements, Information, Closings

For emergency announcements, information and closings, VIMS has available four sources for Institute personnel other than the normal radio and television media:

  • Voice Mail
    From outside the Institute, dial 804-684-7100 (VIMS Voice Mail)
    • Enter your mailbox number plus # (your extension)
    • Enter your personal password plus #
    • There will be a broadcast message for you.
  • E-Mail - As needed there will be "vims-business" e-mail messages giving you the latest information.
  • Campus wide speaker alert system in all buildings.
  • Broadcast Media - Anouncements of closings will be sent to the area's radio and television stations for broadcast and possibly via the campus Emergency Notification System (P.A. System).

Local Governmental / Community Information / Resources

  • Gloucester County
    • Public Information:
      • The local radio station, WXGM FM 99.1, broadcasts local storm warnings, emergency announcements, and public service messages, such as emergency shelter information, and road closures.
      • Gloucester County  information telephone number:   804-693-3890.


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