Emergency Contacts

Whom to call
  • [[twgrose, Tom Grose]], Director: Radiation Safety and General Health and Safety --- Office: 804-684-7152; Cell: 804-815-5080
  • [[emfidler, Eric Fidler]], Environmental, Health & Safety Specialist: Contact for hazardous materials, general health & safety --- Office: 804-684-7322; Cell: 804-832-4158
  • [[ehmacd, Libby MacDonald]], Worker's Compensation Coordinator:  Office: 804-684-7201
  • [[goins, Jim Goins]], Marine Safety Officer --- Office: 804-684-7055; Cell: 804-815-8696
  • [[wreisner, Wayne Reisner]], Dive Safety Officer --- Office: 804-684-7058, 804-684-7200; Cell: 804-815-4780
How to contact us
  • For general questions and non-emergency problems, contact us by telephone, e-mail, or in person.
  • In an EMERGENCY, contact us by telephone (numbers are available above and also on the "Emergency" stickers on campus phones).
If a situation requires YOU to take immediate action
  • Call the VIMS console (ext. 7000) and ask the operator to contact the Safety Office.
In case of fire or medical emergency, do not hesitate to:
  • Call the Gloucester Country Emergency Services dial 9-911, or
  • Call the console operator (ext. 7000) and request the operator to make the call.
Office of Safety and Environmental Programs: E-mail addresses
  1. [[twgrose, Tom Grose]]
  2. [[emfidler, Eric Fidler]]
  3. [[safety, Safety]] reaches both Tom Grose and EHS Specialist