Web Services

Web Development

ITNS provides web platforms for various services, including the main Cascade web server (, as well as scientific and administrative database servers. The [[wmaster, Webmaster]] maintains the VIMS website, allocates web permissions, and works with clients to bring new websites into service. ColdFusion and PHP programming, surveys and registrations, and MySQL or MS Access database application development services are available by submitting an ITNS Service Request (please provide a charge number for additional services).

VIMS Website

VIMS websites and pages are defined as those pages or sites that convey and fulfill the mission of VIMS, including its science, research, teaching, and advisory services. Much of this web content is controlled through the Hannon Hill Cascade Content Management System (CMS). 

Access to edit/update portions of the VIMS website can be requested by contacting the News & Media Services team. Trainings are provided on a regular basis by News & Media staff, but can be requested at any time.

Access to certain areas of our site, including the intranet, is available only while connected through the VIMS network. If you would like to access these pages off-site, please submit an ITNS Service Request to install VPN software on your computer.

Staff Pages

Faculty, staff, and students will be provided with a standard directory listing page on our website. Updates can be requested by contacting the News & Media Services team. Access to edit your page directly is provided after training in the use of the CMS is completed by the individual. Each user is provided with space for uploading a photo, CV, and publications for use on their directory page.

Web Browsers