Instructional Services

 ITNS supports a variety of instructional services and technology in furtherence of the Institute's mission of education, research, and advisory services.  Please contact ITNS if you have instructional services needs or need assistance.

Instructional services and technology include:
  • Laptop / Equipment Loans:
    • To reserve equipment or check availability, go to the: W&M / VIMS Online Reservation System .
    • In the EMS Reservation menu bar, click My Account > Log In.  User ID is CAMPUS\__________ (fill in your W&M ID).  Password: use your W&M password.
    • Click Reservations > To Reserve VIMS ITNS Portable Equipment and complete and submit the online form.
    • For the Event Name, enter a brief description of your intended use, e.g. "ERF Meeting", "Eastern Shore Lab Trip", "Computer Crashed", etc.
    • Once your equipment reservation has been submitted, you will be notified via email or phone when the equipment will be ready for you to pick up.
    • Note:
      • Equipment is available on a first come, first served basis, with instructional / educational use having priority.
      • You can also access EMS Reservation and the FAQs page by choosing "Faculty & Staff" from the drop-down menu under "Please Select" on the VIMS Home Page.
  • Watermen's Hall Computing Lab for students, faculty, and staff:
    • 14 Windows computers.
    • 4 iMacs.
    • Color printer / copier / scanner.
  • Podium computers, video projectors, and other audio / visual (A/V) equipment in classrooms and auditorium.
    • Watermen's Hall:
      • Director's Conference Room.
      • Classroom A/B.
      • Classroom C.
      • McHugh Auditorium - also has sound system, including wireless and wired microphones.
      • Computing Lab.
    • Andrews Hall:
      • Dominion Classroom, Room 326.
  • Video projectors in the following building conference rooms:
    • Chesapeake Bay Hall:
      • Second Floor Conference Room.
      • Third Floor Conference Room.
    • Andrews Hall:
      • Conference Room 222 / 226.
      • Conference Room 423.
      • Conference Room 424.
  • Portable video conferencing units:
    • Watermen's Hall.
    • Chesapeake Bay Hall.
    • Andrews Hall.
  • Laptops checked out for classroom instruction - For Windows computers, software includes: Microsoft Office 2010, ArcGIS, Matlab, Minitab, SAS,  SPSS,  Amos, R:
    • 6 Dell Latitude E series.
    • 16 Dell Latitude D series.
    • 9 Dell Latitude C series.
    • 1 Gateway Tablet.
    • 2 Macbook Pros.
    • 1 Macbook G4.
  • A/V equipment (video projectors, overhead projectrors, slide projectors, DVD / VCR players, iPods, projector screen, portable projector tables, etc.) checked out for classroom instruction, presentations, and conferences:
    • Projectors:
      • 4 video projectors.
      • 4 overhead projectors.
      • 2 slide projectors.
    • DVD / VCR Players:
      • 1 DVD / VCR player.
    • Portable Digital Audio Recorders:
      • 3 iPods with audio recording microphone accessory and A/C power adapter.
      • 4 Edirol digital audio recorders with A/C power adapter.
    • Projector Screen:
      • 1  5' x 5'  portable projector screen.
    • Portable Projector Tables:
      • 1 12" x 18"projector table.
      • 1 18" x 24" projector table.
  • Course web site (Blackboard) support and administration.
  • Adobe Connect Pro web meeting (webinar) service:
    • VIMS users can host a web meeting (webinar) via Adobe Connect Pro.   Audio, video, and computer displays can be shared with remote participants.  Contact ITNS for more information.
  • Recorded Seminars, Lectures, and Presentations.


For assistance with Instructional Technology & Video Conferencing, contact Bob Polley in ITNS.

Bob Polley
Instructional Technology Specialist - Room 106