VIMS Network

Connecting on-campus
  • The VIMS campus network requires address assignment by ITNS Staff. Request an IP address by submitting an ITNS Service Request.
  • A VIMS User ID and password are required to participate on the VIMS campus network. Apply for a userid in Davis Hall 113.
  • Access to the internet for both the Gloucester Point and Wachapreague Campus is via DS3 (45mbit/sec) provided by Network Virginia.
  • The Gloucester Pt. Campus is connected to National Lambda Rail via a Gigabit ethernet connection through the W&M Campus
Connecting from off-campus
  • The VIMS Virtual Private Network (VPN) service allows you to connect through the internet from off-campus and participate in the VIMS LAN. Request VPN installation instructions by submitting an ITNS Service Request.