ITNS Mission

ITNS Mission

To facilitate the missions of VIMS (education, research and advisory services) and to enhance the productivity of the VIMS community (faculty, staff and students).

  • Explore the information technology resource requirements of the VIMS community
  • Plan and develop a flexible and scalable information technology infrastructure that can deliver those resources to the VIMS community
  • Identify and promote a set of cost effective and supportable information technology services that can be reliably delivered to the VIMS community
  • Develop and seek support for policies that will assure security, stability and supportability of IT resources for the VIMS community

Support Mission for ITNS

ITNS is responsible for the overall stability and management of the VIMS network. Devices (i.e. servers, computers, printers, and network equipment) that are attached to the network must be configured correctly to ensure the stability and security of the network. ITNS will assist the VIMS community in the selection and implementation of equipment and software that will function in the VIMS network environment. ITNS will assist the VIMS community by fixing problems that occur within the VIMS network environment in a timely manner. ITNS will recommend the acquisition of equipment and software that will perform well and minimize the on-going support costs.