Understand IT Security

Information Technology is accelerating at such astonishing rates that it makes it even more crucial to understand and adhere to IT security  practices. ITNS encourages the use of the tools and information located on this site to assist you in ensuring that your systems are secured.

While ITNS provides tools to help protect our computing environment, our best protection lies with each user. Take the time to educate yourself to the possible threats and what you can do to protect VIMS computing resources.

Acceptable Use of Information Systems Policy - During the check-in process to VIMS, you will visit the ITNS department to obtain an account onto the VIMS network. In order to gain access onto the network, you'll be required to understand and accept the Acceptable Use of Information Systems Policy.

Security Tips - Understand the different technology lingo and how to protect VIMS data and resources. 

Resources for Security Advisories & Vulnerabilites - There are various reputable sites that provide current security advisisories and vulnerabilities.