Security Tips

Learn the IT security lingo

Protect IT resources

  • Email
  • Password & Account Information
  • Securing Computers
  • Wireless Network

What you can do to minimize IT security risks

  • Read and adhere to the Acceptable Use of Information Systems at VIMS & the Account Access Policies.
  • Create strong passwords and avoid words found in the dictionary. Suggestions and guidelines can be found at http://.
  • Ensure that your antivirus software is current and running.
  • For Windows systems, regularly install Microsoft suggested critical updates found at
  • When completing online forms with sensitive information or making a purchase, be sure you are making a secure transmission. Secure transmissions will have a URL that begins with https:// or you will notice a lock icon on the status bar.
  • For Windows XP and Vista, lock your computer when not in use. Or for other systems, set a password protected screen saver for 10-15 minutes. This protects your data when you walk away from your computer.
  • Use Secure Shell for encryption of remote file access and transfers. Available online at http://
  • Back up important files and remember to clearly label your disks, zip, or CD/DVDs.