Information Technology and Network Services

Davis Hall, 1st Floor

CIO & Director: Gary Anderson, x7080
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Below is a contact listing for the ITNS Staff: 
VIMS User & Email Accounts
Passwords, network storage (homespace and shared space), email groups, check-in, check-out:
table with Enterprise Operations Specialist contact information
Chris Palmer
Enterprise Operations Specialist - Room 113
Desktop and laptop systems & software 
Setup, repairs, software installs, virus checks, general network connection or IP phone problems, new system specification:
table with list of client support analyst contact information
Blain Hoye
Client Support Analyst - Room 111
Katie Whitfield
Client Support Analyst - Room 111
Instructional Technology & Video
Classroom technology, video conferencing, student lab, equipment loan, Blackboard support.
Table with Instructional Technology Specialist contact information
Bob Polley
Instructional Technology Specialist - Room 106
Office Phones and Cell Phones, Copiers
All telephone problems, moves, adds, changes, voicemail, teleconferencing, cell contracts, copiers, purchasing:
table with Telecom. Services Specialist contact information
Will Benton
Telecom. Services Specialist - Room 104
Carol Birch
Procurement Coordinator - Watermen's Hall 238
New system and software purchases
Dell system quotes, software licensing, general support questions:
table with Assistant Director, IT Client Services & Support contact information
Kathi Goodwin
Assistant Director, IT Client Services & Support - Room 105
Database administration and management
Databases, Surveys:
table with Database Administrator/Analyst contact information
John Thomas
Database Administrator/Analyst - Room 107
Unix and Windows server support
Non-standard server and storage needs, web server support, HPC computing:
table with Infrastructure Svcs Architect contact information
Emrys Koenigsmann
Infrastructure Svcs Architect (Network) - Room 112
Chris Carpenter
Infrastructure Svcs Architect (linux)
- Room 112
Tanya Ward
Infrastructure Svcs Architect (Windows) - Room 115