Publication & Print Services

We can handle files from both PC and Mac computers. Send us your files via e-mailftp, flash drive, or CD. Let us know your deadline, and we guarantee you’ll have your job in time. When your job is finished, we’ll contact you to pick up your finished materials, or let us deliver!

Graphic Design and Layout

We can help design your project from scratch, or start a layout from your files and photos. We design multi-page documents and reports, newsletters, brochures, invitations, report covers, posters, and more. We work with a variety of software, and will use the program that best suits the job. Costs are $30/hour for initial design and layout, $25/hour for edits.

Large-Format Posters

We can produce posters for conferences, display panels, and laboratory signage. We can print from Windows-based programs and from Macs. We can print posters up to 40" in one dimension and of unlimited length in the other. Please give us at least 24 hours to get you the final product (although a 1-2 -day lead time is preferred. It is also recommended that you email Susan Stein at several days before you need your poster to ensure that it will get printed within your deadline. ). Cost is $7/running foot. Also consider having us print 11” x 17” reduced color copies of your poster for use as hand-outs to colleagues during your conference poster session. 

Large-Format Lamination

Our large-format laminator allows us to laminate any printed item up to 40" wide (unlimited length). The laminate is thin—only 3 mil—so you can laminate a poster and still easily roll it up in a carrying tube. Cost is $6/running foot.

Pouch Lamination

We can also laminate smaller, letter, legal, and tabloid size documents. There are 3 different thickness of laminate available.

Business Cards

Give us the information that you would like to appear on your business card and we will do the rest. The cost for a box of 250 is $27.50; the cost for a box of 500 is $32.00.  We can also do smaller runs of 50, and 100.

Report Binding

We can also bind printed materials—anything from a 10- to a 500-page manuscript. We offer a variety of binding options (e.g., strip, spiral, saddle-stitched). We'll put a clear cover on it, and away you go. Priced by the job (average cost is $1/book, plus a nominal cost for labor).

Color and B&W Copies

We can output color and B&W copies from digital files (.pdf files preferred) or hardcopy at 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17". Costs are 30¢/color page ; 3¢ /B&W page (8.5 x 11), 50¢/color page (11 x 17), with volume discounts starting at 300 pages  We have many different varieties of paper and cardstock to choose from.


Click here for official VIMS logos. 

VIMS PowerPoint® Templates

Click here to access specially designed VIMS PowerPoint® templates (light and dark backgrounds) and starter slides before you begin creating your next public or scientific presentation.


We can scan and create digital files from photographs and hardcopy. These files can be saved in a variety of formats and resolutions. We can write the files to a disk, CD, or e-mail them to you. We can also touch-up photos and scan old documents and reports into Word® files that you can edit. Priced by the job. 


We supply the Institute with letterhead, forms, envelopes, mailing labels, fax sheets, and other customized materials. We also carry reams of many different kinds and colors of paper, and are happy to sell you special paper by the ream. Click here for current prices. 

Zoom Backgrounds

Click here to access downloadable Zoom video-call backgrounds.

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