Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of files can the Publications Center handle?

We can handle files from PC and Mac computers. Send us your files via e-mail, ftp, Flash drive or stick, or CD. 

What resolution should I use for my images?

That depends on numerous factors, the most important being whether you plan to display your images on-line (e.g., for a PowerPoint presentation or web page) or to print them (e.g., in a poster or manuscript). For full technical details on choosing the appropriate image resolution, search the web. One good site is at {{,}}. As a rule of thumb, choose a spatial resolution of at least 200 dots per inch (dpi) or pixels per inch (ppi) for an image that you plan to print. For on-line use in a PowerPoint presentation or web page, use 72 ppi—choosing a higher resolution will simply waste valuable disk space. 

How do I pay for a print job?

Because we are a service center, you need just an index number for all services and materials—no purchase orders or copy cards are required. View our prices

What's the best software for making a poster?

The best program for posters is PowerPoint®. It allows for a maximum size of 40" X 56" (40" is the width of the poster printer). Before you start your poster, set up the correct page size in File>Page Setup. Other programs, such as Adobe Illustrator® and CorelDraw®, will allow you to make a longer poster.

Should I laminate my poster?

We recommend lamination if you are traveling with a poster, plan to use it more than once or in a damp location, or will hang it for an extended period of time. The laminate is 3 mil, thin enough to roll and insert in a traveling tube.

What's the best way to get files to us?

Campus mail can be slow to reach us, so send your files via [[sstein, e-mail]] ftp, or , or bring them to us on a CD or Flash drive/stick.

What if I need to send a print job off campus?

Consult with us prior to sending out large, full-color print jobs that require off-campus printing. We can prepare the files, get price quotes, and arrange for drop-off and pick-up. We have the expertise to make these files "printer ready," thus helping to prevent time-consuming and costly changes at the Print Shop.