Ecological Monitoring Program (EMP)

An Ecological Monitoring Program near the VIMS-Eastern Shore Laboratory, Wachapreague, Virginia

  • Sampling an Oyster Reef
    Sampling an oyster reef     PG Ross
  • Amphipod from genus Ampellisca
    Amphipod from the genus Ampellisca     PG Ross
  • Biofilm Array
    Biofilm array     PG Ross
  • Benthic Sampling
    Benthic grab sampling     PG Ross
  • Oyster Spat on Ceramic Tile
    Oyster spat on tile     PG Ross
  • Drone Mapping Marsh
    Drone mapping marsh dieback     PG Ross
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 An Ecological Monitoring Program (EMP) has been established at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science Eastern Shore Laboratory (VIMS ESL) for the coastal environment near the lab.  The goals of the initiative are to 1) provide status and trends information to scientists who study and regulators who manage Virginia’s marine resources, 2) provide a scientific context for scientists’ research and grant proposals 3) provide pedagogical enrichment to educators for their classes, and 4) build capacity in staff expertise and training of interns and students at VIMS ESL. 

2023 Annual Report Summary (pdf)

Full 2023 Annual Report (pdf)

Full 2022 Annual Report (pdf)

Full 2021 Annual Report (pdf)

Full 2020 Annual Report (pdf)

Full 2018-2019 Annual Report (pdf)