Minor in Marine Science

The undergraduate minor in Marine Science addresses the growing national demand for undergraduate education in earth, marine, and environmental sciences and prepares students for graduate programs, state and federal agencies, and industry positions throughout the country. 

Interested students are provided with a coherent experience in this interdisciplinary subject.  A total of 18 credit hours are required, which include 2 required core courses, 3 Marine Science Fundamentals courses, plus 6 additional elective hours. Courses are held at both the Williamsburg campus of W&M as well as SMS/VIMS Gloucester Point and field locations.

Questions and inquiries should be directed to William & Mary Admissions

Curriculum - 18 credit hours 
Required introductory course (3 credits)
Field Course (3 credits)

Select one course from the following:

Elective Courses (12 credits) 

Existing courses that can be used to meet this requirement are listed below. Additional courses may be used to satisfy this requirement with approval from the Marine Science Co-Directors, or in some cases, the full Marine Science Minor Advisory Committee. Select at least one course of 3 or more credits (inclusive of required recitation section) from the Physical category and one from the Biological category. Note that any of the 2-credit Fundamentals courses (MSCI 401C, 401D, 401E) have a required corequisite recitation (MSCI 401R) section which counts for one additional credit.

Courses that will count for the Physical category include:

Courses that will count for the Biological category include:

A co-requisite recitation section is required for each of the 2-credit MSCI 401A–F courses.

Additional Electives 
Additional electives that can be used to fulfill the 18 credits for the minor include:

Declaring a Marine Science Minor 

If you are interested in declaring a Minor in Marine Science, please email co-directors Christopher Hein and Nick Balascio

Declaration of Academic Minor Form