VIMS Technology Classroom


PPD-0606 Technology Classroom Reservation Procedures

Open-Access Use Policy

The technology classroom will be reserved for student use during designated open-access sessions (i.e., for writing or short-term data analysis availability) each semester. The schedule will be announced in the Academic Affairs Digest. Installing software is prohibited as is running complex jobs* on single or multiple computers that extend beyond the reserved classroom time each day. Students who are approved will use their W&M ID card at the door for card swipe access and will be granted permission by ITNS to login to the computer terminals with their VIMS credentials. Students are advised to save files to a cloud device or a USB drive and not to the computer hard drive as the machines are subject to being rebuilt by ITNS at anytime and all data stored on the machine would be lost. When the technology classroom is requested for public use by an external group, the room will be unavailable for student use due to the computer configuration settings. Academic Affairs will make every attempt to notify students via the Academic Affairs Digest if open-access sessions are impacted by external group reservations.

The SMS Registrar will send an email confirmation to students once approval and permission have been granted for an individual semester. The processing time to approve a student's request is three business days. Students who access the technology classroom during open-access sessions are required to report any malfunctioning of hardware, software, or other equipment in the classroom of which they become aware.

*High performance computing may be available to meet these needs. Please contact ITNS for further information.

Schedule and Access Instructions
Schedule for Academic Year 2023-24

The room will be available as follows:

Fall Semester: To be announced
Spring Semester: To be announced
Summer Semester: To be announced

How to Request Access

A student must submit a request form, signed by his/her advisor(s), to the [[registrar, SMS Registrar]] to request open-access use of the technology classroom for an individual semester.

Note: To maintain continuous access to the technology classroom, a new request form is required at the beginning of each semester.