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We know that navigating the registration process can be a little daunting, like sailing on the high seas. So whether you're a seasoned pro, a new student getting ready to register for the first time, a non-degree seeking student or a senior citizen looking to take a course, we're here to help.

Explore your registration options at VIMS:

registration options
Degree-Seeking Students
Non-Degree-Seeking Students
Enrolling in Courses at William & Mary
  • Students may enroll in a graduate course at William & Mary, outside of the Marine Science subject area, with the assistance of the SMS Graduate Registrar. Students must initiate a change in registration form which requires approval from the SMS faculty advisor(s), the W&M course instructor, and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The SMS Graduate Registrar will process the registration in Banner, move the W&M course(s) over to the graduate marine science level transcript and update DegreeWorks audit after registration.
  • Note: Coursework that is not being used to meet Marine Science degree program requirements and overload coursework are not covered by an assistantship award unless you have the permission of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
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Old Dominion University Cross-Registration
  • A limited number of graduate students who are enrolled in the School of Marine Science at William & Mary, with their advisors’ and dean’s approval, are permitted to take elective courses in the College of Sciences and/or the Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology at Old Dominion University and vice versa. Core curriculum requirements for the particular degree program must be taken at the home institution with no substitutions from the partner institution permitted. The tuition and fees are determined and retained by the graduate student’s home institution.
  • Registration Process for SMS Graduate Students: Students complete the cross-registration agreement and attach catalog course descriptions and syllabi as supporting documentation. Form is approved by the host institution course instructor and SMS faculty advisor(s) before submitting to the SMS Graduate Registrar. Once the course level is determined and approval to enroll is granted by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, the SMS Graduate Registrar will create a “dummy” special topics course (MSCI 548 or MSCI 698) on the SMS course schedule for enrollment and transcript purposes. The tuition for the course is billed through VIMS|William & Mary. Upon approval, the SMS Registrar also sends the cross-registration form to the ODU Cross-Registration Office so students can be registered for the course at the host institution. At the end of the term, the ODU Cross-Registration Office sends the SMS Registrar the final grade(s) to be entered into Banner by the SMS Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  • Keep in mind, students need to be aware of course start and end dates at ODU and adhere to the ODU and VIMS|W&M add/drop/withdraw deadlines in case any registration changes need to be made.
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Take advantage of a wider variety of course offerings to fulfill program requirements.

Did you know? Students are allowed to use non-SMS graduate level coursework taken internally through W&M or through cross-registration agreements with VIMS to fulfill up to 6 credits for the Master's degrees (MA, MS) and up to 9 credits for the PhD degree. Refer to Expanding Your Curricular Options.

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If you do not find the answer you need here, please contact the [[v|registrar, SMS Graduate Registrar]] for further assistance.

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