Inside our School of Marine Science

A four-part webinar series

Interested in pursing a graduate degree at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science? Watch our 4-part webinar series in which host John Griffin, Assistant Director of Admissions and Student Affairs, joins with faculty, students, and alumni for an exploratory journey inside William & Mary's School of Marine Science at VIMS.

Part I: Charting Your Course

Professor Elizabeth Canuel, PhD student Serina Wittyngham, and post-doctoral researcher Vaskar Nepal explore the fields of study available at VIMS and the career opportunities they will open.

Part II: A Leader in Marine Science

Faculty member Mark Brush; students Kristen Sharpe and Justin Shawler; and alumnus William Goldsmith explain why VIMS is the place for you, with a focus on ready access to faculty, facilities, technology, professional networks, financial support, a rich student life, and post-grad success.

Part III: Professional M.A. in Marine Science

Dr. Molly Mitchell joins with graduate student Shantelle Landry and alumna Jill Bieri to provide an in-depth look at our new Professional M.A. degree in Marine Science.

Part IV: Navigating the Application Process

Faculty members Molly Mitchell and BK Song and students Rachel Dixon and Luke Frankel describe the application process and discuss what makes a strong application.