Degree Options

Professional Degree - M.A.

The M.A. in Marine Science (32 credits) is an up to two-year degree program designed to prepare students to enter the workforce as marine science professionals.  Through coursework and training, students gain advanced knowledge, skills, and experience needed to translate, integrate, and apply marine science to issues of pressing societal concern.  Graduates of the M.A. program are well-prepared for careers in policy, business, outreach, and other professional areas that require working collaboratively with diverse stakeholders.  Further information on the M.A. degree can be found here.

M.S. & Ph.D.

The M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Marine Science are designed for students who wish to pursue research-focused marine science careers at an advanced level.  Graduates of the M.S. degree are well-prepared for further graduate study or for marine science careers in academia, government, and other employment sectors.  Graduates of the Ph.D. program are well-prepared for careers as faculty members in colleges and universities, or in leadership roles with federal agencies and in the private sector.  Further information on the M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs can be found here

Note: Students admitted to the M.S. program who wish to obtain a Ph.D. directly may petition to bypass the MS program before the end of the second year.  Read more...