Virginia Shoreline & Tidal Marsh Inventory

The Virginia Shoreline and Tidal Marsh Inventory is a series of reports that describe the condition of tidal shorelines for individual localities in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  This inventory series started with historic reports produced in the 1970’s.  It also includes contemporary digital inventory updates generated from 1998 to the present using a combination of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), and remote sensing technology.

Virginia Coastal Resources Tool provides visualization of shoreline and tidal marsh inventory data and statistics

Data Request Form – download GIS data for the entire Virginia Shoreline Inventory  (218MB .zip) - includes Virginia Tidal Marsh Inventory

Locality Portals

Clicking on a locality below will take you to a portal with links to shoreline and tidal marsh inventory reports, summary tables and GIS data for downloading.

Historical Shoreline Inventory Reports