Science Steering Committee

On our radar:
  • May 13, 2021: Members of the Science Steering Committee will be presenting at the York River and Small Coastal Basins Symposium, a forum for the exchange of quality, rigorous and objective science on the state of the York River watershed and its adjacent coastal basins, as well as science-based education and management. 
  • A State of the York and Surrounding Small Coastal Basins synthesis is a priority deliverable for the York River and Small Coastal Basin Roundtable.  While a similar report was last published in 2000, the Science Steering Committee believes updated and augmented information are needed for awareness and advocacy in a contemporary format that resonates with end-users.  The committee is currently exploring avenues to support a report that will be translated into an additional outreach products for mass consumption.  Content may include, but is not restricted to, information (status, trends, emerging opportunities) on water quality, sea level rise, flooding, land use, habitat vulnerability, social vulnerability, cultural resources and community monitoring.

For information on committee participation, please email: