Education and Outreach Steering Committee

2021 York River and Small Coastal Basin Roundtable Education Awards

Promoting environmental literacy within the watershed is one of the Roundtable’s foundational Cornerstones. Through digestible and relatable approaches, including Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEEs), the Roundtable translates and transmits information to motivate behavior change, inspire related action and empower all watershed communities while enhancing the watershed experience and bolstering the watershed’s visibility and value.  During the 2021 Spring All-Hands Meeting, the Roundtable recognized, for the first time in its history, formal and informal educators in the watershed that have worked toward a similar end, and the Roundtable’s ultimate vision: improved understanding and greater support for water quality restoration and protection.

In its inaugural awards, the Roundtable awarded the following for superb environmental literacy programming and inspired watershed stewardship:

  • Excellence in Environmental Education Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

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