School Programs

Increasing knowledge of the Bay with our childrenCBNERR offers field-based programs to provide an introduction to a wide variety of estuarine environments and to provide a meaningful Chesapeake Bay experience.  Programs may include wading field trips focused on specific themes such as oyster restoration, shallow water habitats, and fish and shellfish investigations.  CBNERR is also available to leverage the impact of these field trips through visiting classrooms and providing programs. 

The reserve's K-12 Estuarine Education Program (KEEP) is committed to increasing estuarine and ocean literacy of students and teachers through enhanced knowledge and understanding of essential coastal concepts, data interpretation and strengthening critical thinking, team building and problem solving skills.  CBNERR implements KEEP through hands-on, investigative field and laboratory experiences coupled with estuarine science curricula that align with state and national science education standards.  Efforts are made to provide students with multiple-exposure opportunities throughout their K-12 education experience and promote a sense of stewardship and individual responsibility.  Program offerings focus on the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed, and emphasize the interrelationships of coastal habitats and human activities, and the use of technology in earth studies. 

To schedule a field program or classroom visit for your school, please contact the NERRS Education Specialist, Matthew Thayer at