Public Access and Hunting

Public Access

CBNERR is responsible for the long-term management of its Reserve components in order to protect the ecological integrity of the natural system and provide a stable environment to support its research and education mission.  Public access to the four Reserve components is managed on a site-specific basis.  CBNERR and site property owners/managers reserve the right to impose additional restrictions to curtail any activity threatening to disturb natural conditions or ongoing research and education activities.  In waters around Reserve components, commercial and recreational harvest of fish and crabs is allowed if in accordance with applicable state laws and regulations.

Catlett Islands and Sweet Hall Marsh
Catlett Islands and Sweet Hall Marsh are privately owned and incorporated into the Reserve system through conservation easements and management agreements. Access to these components is limited to research and education activities that are coordinated through the Reserve.  General public access is not permitted.  

Taskinas Creek
Taskinas Creek Reserve lies within the boundaries of York River State Park (YRSP) and therefore access is controlled by park regulations. The Park is open year-round from 8 am to dusk.  The Park’s Visitor Center and outdoor amphitheater are opened seasonally (closed in the winter).  Visitors are encouraged to use more than 40 km (25 mi) of self-guided hiking, biking and equestrian trails in addition to the York River fishing pier and boat ramp; boat (pond only) and canoe rentals are available seasonally.  Deer hunting is only allowed in season (November/December) during special controlled hunts.  Many of the facilities and trails are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.  Additional information on Park resources can be found at

Goodwin Islands
CBNERR maintains a limited-use public access policy for the Goodwin Islands. Goodwin Islands are only accessible by shallow draft boats and there are no docking facilities or designated trails on Goodwin Islands.  The following access rules apply

  • Public access is limited from dawn to dusk and therefore overnight camping is prohibited;
  • Building of any type of fire is prohibited;
  • Collection of plants, animals, minerals, or artifacts is strictly prohibited;
  • Visitors must obey posted signs that may be placed seasonally to protect sensitive species;
  • Beach areas can be used for beachcombing and other non-destructive activities if visitors do not willingly or negligently disturb the environment or scientific experiments/equipment;
  • Bicycles, off-road vehicles, and horses are prohibited;
  • Waterfowl hunting from floating blinds is allowed, however, a Reserve issued permit is required.  No stationary blinds are allowed;
  • Upland and wetland hunting activities are not permitted; and
  • Dogs or other domestic animals accompanying visitors must be kept on a leash at all times.