CBNERR-VA Staff Directory

The CBNERR-VA Team - 2019
Our Team - 2019 (Photo by Aileen Devlin | Virginia Sea Grant)

Dr. William G. Reay, Ph.D., CBNERR Director
Research Associate Professor, Coastal & Ocean Processes, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Email: [[v|wreay]]
Phone: 804.684.7119
Office:  Wilson House 103


Sally B. Lawrence Wood, Finance & Business Manager
Email: [[v|slawrence]]
Phone: 804.684.7135
Office: Wilson House 104

Valerie Johnson, Administrative Assistant
Email: [[v|johnso]]
Phone: 804.684.7494
Office: Wilson House 102

Research and Monitoring

Dr. Carl Friedrichs, Research Coordinator and Associate Director
Loretta & Lewis Glucksman Professor of Marine Science
Email: [[v|carl.friedrichs]]
Phone: 804.684.7303
Office: Wilson House 206

Joy Baber, Lab Supervisor
Email: [[v|justjoy]]
Phone: 804.684.7576 or 7307
Office: NERRS Water Quality Facility 

Betty Neikirk, Marine Scientist Supervisor
Email: [[v|betty]]
Phone: 804.684.7400
Office: Wilson 101

Lisa Ott, Lab and Research Specialist
Email: [[v|lott]]

Phone: 804.684.7620
Office: Catlett Burruss Lab 102

Kaitlyn Parker, Lab & Field Assistant
Email: [[v|kparker]]
Phone: 804.684.7809
Office: NERRS Water Quality Facility 106

David Parrish, Environmental Data Center Manager
Email: [[v|parrishd]]
Phone: 804.684.7835
Office: Wilson House 201

Cassia Pianca, Environmental Data Center Web Application Developer
Email: [[v|cpianca]]
Phone: 804.684.7957
Office: NERRS Water Quality Facility

Erin Shields, Lead Scientist
Email: [[v|eshields]]
Phone: 804.684.7702
Office: Andrews Hall 337A

Stever Snyder, Lab & Field Specialist
Email: [[v|snyder]]
Phone: 804.684.7809
Office: Catlett Burruss Lab, Room 102

Coastal Training

Cirse Gonzalez, Coastal Training Program Coordinator
Email: [[v|cagonzalez]]
Phone: 804.684.7144
Office: Wilson House 203


Sarah Nuss, Education Coordinator
Email: [[v|mcguire]]
Phone: 804.684.7878
Office:  Wilson House 202 

Anna Caputo,  Marine Education Specialist
Email: [[v|arcaputo]]
Phone: 804.684.7877
Office:  Wilson House 202

Matthew Thayer,  Marine Education Specialist
Email: [[v|mlthayer]]
Phone: 804.684.7526
Office:  Wilson House 202

Stewardship and Watersheds

Scott Lerberg, Stewardship Coordinator
Email: [[v|lerbergs]]
Phone: 804.684.7129
Office: Wilson House 205

Hank Brooks, Field Manager
Email: [[v|hbrooks]]
Phone: 804.684.7559
Office: NERRS Water Quality Facility 103

Alex Demeo, Reserve Support Technician
Email: [[v|awdemeo]]
Phone: 804.684.7037
Office: NERRS Water Quality Facility 

Eduardo Miles, Marine Scientist
Email: [[v|emiles]]
Phone: 804.684.7044
Office: Catlett-Burruss Lab 104

Erin Reilly, Restoration and Conservation Coordinator
Email: [[v|emreilly]]
Phone: 804.684.7155
Office: Wilson House 201