Notable Storms

"Son of Ida": November 2009

A significant coastal-flooding event occurs along the mid-Atlantic coast as a low-pressure remnant from Tropical Depression Ida travels up the Atlantic seaboard. The storm brings 4.69 feet of extratidal high water (XHW) to Money Point.

Nor'easter: late September 2008

A disturbance related to Hurricane Kyle affected lower Chesapeake Bay in late September 2008, bringing 2 feet of extratidal high water to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.


Tropical Storm Hanna moved over lower Chesapeake Bay in early September 2008, bringing 0.55 ft of extratidal high water to the Tidewatch station in Yorktown.

Hurricane Isabel

Hurricane Isabel impacted the mid-Atlantic between September 17-19, 2003. Isabel predates the Tidewatch network but merits mention as one of the most intense storms to strike the region in recent memory.