VIMS Committee on Sustainability

VIMS west campus after shoreline management breakwater treatmentThe VIMS Committee on Sustainability (COS) was formed in 2011 with the approval of VIMS Director, John Wells. Members include Jennifer Latour, VIMS Chief Administrative Officer, Dr. Carl Hershner, Director of the Center for Coastal Resources Management, and Richard White, Director of Facilities Management. The purpose of the committee is to develop, plan and recommend strategies for integrating sustainability into the Institute. The goal of the COS is to improve physical conditions of the VIMS campus while maintaining its teaching, research, and service missions.

Two of the major initiatives of the COS are the VIMS Masterplan, in conjunction with the Open Space Project, as well as the VIMS 2011 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report, a student-compiled study financially supported by a grant through the Commitee on Sustainability.

For further information on the Committee on Sustainability, contact Dr. Carl Hersher, (804) 684-7380