P.G. Ross

Senior Marine Scientist

Email: [[pg]]
Phone: 757-787-5837
Office: Seawater Lab
Department: Eastern Shore Laboratory

  • 1991   B. S., Virginia Tech     
  • 1994    M.S., Auburn University
Professional Experience

2001-present: Senior Marine Scientist, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

2013-2015:  Acting Director, Eastern Shore Laboratory, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

1998-2001: Research Specialist, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

1996-1998: Environmental Health Specialist, Virginia Dept. of Health

1995-1996: Wildlife Biologist, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Selected Publications and Reports

Marshall, H., G. Skomal, P. G. Ross and D. Bernal.  In Press.  At-vessel and post-release mortality of the dusky (Carcharhinus obscurus) and sandbar (C. plumbeus) sharks after longline capture. Fisheries Res.

Gruszynski, K., S. Pao, C. Kim, D. Toney, K. Wright, P. G. Ross, A. Colon and S. Levine. 2014. Evaluating wildlife as a potential source of salmonella serotype Newport (JJPX01.0061) contamination for tomatoes on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Zoonoses and Public Health. 61(3):202-207.

Ross, P. G. and M. W. Luckenbach. 2009. Distribution, habitat characteristics, prey abundance and diet of surf scoters (Melanitta perspicillata) and long-tailed ducks (Clangula hyemalis) in polyhaline wintering habitats in the mid-Atlantic region: a comparison of shallow coastal lagoons and Chesapeake Bay environs.  Final report submitted to Sea Duck Joint Venture (USFWS).  85 pp.

Ross, P. G. and M. W. Luckenbach. 2009. Population assessment of Eastern oysters (Crassostrea virginica) in the seaside coastal bays. Final report submitted to NOAA-Va Coastal Zone Management Program. 101 pp.

Luckenbach, M., P. Ross, A. Birch, and A Curry. 2008. Evaluating the relationship between impervious surfaces within watersheds and coastal water quality on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Final report submitted to NOAA-Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program. 101 pp.

Luckenbach, M. W., L. D. Coen, P. G. Ross, Jr. and J. A. Stephen. 2005. Oyster reef habitat restoration: relationship between oyster abundance and community development based on two studies in Virginia and South Carolina. J. Coast. Res. Special Issue No. 40:64-78.

O’Beirn, F.X., P. G. Ross and M. W. Luckenbach. 2004. A review of organisms associated with oysters cultured in floating systems in Virginia, USA. J. of Shellfish Res. 23(3):825-830.

Luckenbach, M. W. and P. G. Ross. 2004. Evaluating and enhancing the success of oyster reef restoration: The effects of habitat complexity on oyster survival. Final report submitted to NOAA-Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program. 102 pp.

Nestlerode, J.A., M.W. Luckenbach, P.G. Ross and F.X. O’Beirn. 2003. Abstract: Influence of oyster reef structure on fish assemblages:  does the placement of artificial substrate enhance transient fish populations. J. of Shellfish Res. 22(1).

Ross, P., T. Murray and M. Luckenbach, 2003, Fisheries resource grants in Virginia:  supporting the development of oyster aquaculture. World Aqua. Magazine. 34(2):10-13.

Ross, P.G., F. X. O’Beirn and M.W. Luckenbach. 2001. Abstract: Comparison of oyster (Crassostrea virginica) culture nursery and grow-out techniques. J. of Shellfish Res. 20(1).