Alanna MacIntyre

Marine Scientist

Email: [[v|alanna,Contact Alanna MacIntyre]]
Phone: (804) 684-7858
Office: Chesapeake Bay Hall S211 (office) / S217 (lab)
Department: Aquatic Health Sciences


BS  Biochemistry  Virginia Tech


I work with marine microorganisms and viruses using molecular and microbiological techniques. The focus of research is on human pathogens found in the marine environment; Vibrio vulnificus, Virbrio parahaemolyticus, adenovirus, and norovirus. Research also involves detection and quantification of the shellfish pathogens oyster herpesvirus 1-μvar,  Perkinsus sp., and harmful algal bloom species from water, tissue, and soil samples via qPCR.  I am responsible for maintenance and instruction of use of the genetic analyzers in our facility (ABI 3500 & 3130xl).


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