Mission & Mandate

Sound science for informed management

The Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) has a three-part mission of research, education, and advisory service. Our over-arching goals are to

  • Make seminal advances in understanding marine systems through research and discovery,
  • Translate research findings into practical solutions to complex issues of societal importance, and
  • Provide new generations of researchers, educators, problem solvers, and managers with a marine-science education of unsurpassed quality.  

To meet our mission, the people of VIMS

  • Address cutting-edge scientific questions,
  • Develop and apply technologically advanced approaches,
  • Communicate research results and new technologies to both professional and public audiences,
  • Consult with and guide decision-makers as they apply new knowledge to practical problems, and
  • Train future generations of young scientists to continue this tradition.
VIMS' mission is mandated in the Code of Virginia.