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School of Ocean Sciences University of Wales-Bangor

Location: Bangor, Wales
Partnership Established: 1997

Nature of the Partnership

The School of Ocean Sciences at the University of Wales Bangor is the largest Ocean Sciences department at any University in the U.K. and has the largest marine biology component as well. The School celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1998. The School has a Unit of Coastal and Estuarine Studies and two units (the Centre for Aquaculture Nutrition research and the Unit for Geological & Engineering Resources) that have been awarded recognition as Centres of Expertise by the Welsh Development Agency. These are specialist research groups within the higher education sector in Wales which are at the cutting edge of research and development and also have a track record of working with industry.

Current research includes modelling, the transport of organisms in ship ballast water, algal-bloom studies, monitoring whales and dolphins, and hydrothermal vent studies.

Dr. Don Wright visited the University of Wales in 1997. While there Dr. Wright and Professor Roy Evans, Vice Chancellor of the University signed an agreement to exchange students and staff between UWB Ocean Science Department and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Professor J. H. Simpson, School of Ocean Sciences, University of Wales Bangor visited VIMS in 1998 to present scientific seminars and serve as an invited speaker for the VIMS Crestar Year of the Ocean lecture series.