Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel - Scomberomorus maculatus

*Information from FAO Species Identification Guide Western Central Atlantic*

Spanish Mackerel
Maximum to at least 70 cm fork length, commonly to 50 cm. The IGFA all-tackle game fish record is 5.89 kg for a fish caught in North Carolina in 1987.
Habitat, biology, and fisheries

Tends to form schools and enters tidal estuaries. Feeds on small fishes, especially sardines and anchovies.Caught mainly with purse seines and on line gear. Also an important sportfish taken by trolling feathers or pork rind or by casting fly and spinning lures into surface schools. Marketed mostly fresh or frozen; the flesh is highly  appreciated. Landings recorded for S. maculatus in Area 31 between 1995 and 1999 ranged from 9,207 to 12,414 t per year.

Restricted to the western North Atlantic (although reported from the eastern Pacific and eastern Atlantic, based on 2 other species, Scomberomorus sierra and Scomberomorus tritor, respectively). Ranges from Maine to Yucatán, primarily in waters over the continental shelf. Absent from Bermuda and most of the West Indies. Replaced from Belize to Brazil by a similar species, S. brasiliensis.