Tidal Flats, Marsh & Lagoon Dynamics

CHSD Tidal Flats, Marsh & Lagoon Dynamics Grants and Contracts

Feb 2007 - Dec 2007, "Morphodynamics of tidal flat coastlines." Office of Naval Research, Marine Geosciences Program, C.T. Friedrichs, Principal Investigator, $57,861. Final Report.

Jun 2006 - May 2008, "Development of morphological models for South San Francisco Bay." U.S. Geological Survey, Western Coastal and Marine Geology Program. C.T. Friedrichs, Principal Investigator, $50,106. Final Report

Oct 2002 - Sep 2007, "TIDE: Trophic cascade and interacting control processes in a detritus-based aquatic ecosystem." National Science Foundation, Division of Environmental Biology (subcontract via Marine Biological Laboratory). C.T. Friedrichs, Principal Investigator, $205,000. Final Report

Nov 2000 - Oct 2003, "Fate of 'reactive nitrogen' derived from agricultural sources in coastal lagoons." U.S. Department of Agriculture Ecosystems Panel. I. Anderson, Principal Investigator, C.T. Friedrichs, Co-Principal Investigator, $190,886.