The Transit South

I have been going to sea, mainly to Antarctica, since 1992. Many of my shipmates have kept journals, written weekly reports, and now days blog their seaward adventures. I myself have never scribed my personal Antarctic adventures. However, after 7 or 8 trips to ?The Ice,? I have been asked to write several entries for this VIMS web journal.

There are a plethora of topics to write about since, relatively speaking, not many people get the chance to board an ice breaker and journey to the frozen south. And, after giving this opportunity much consideration, I have chosen to write about what I enjoy most about the priceless opportunity I've been awarded: Being at Sea: The Transit South. Therefore, I will share with you several parts (and by no means is this everything) of what I find amazing about being at sea:

  1. The ship RVIB Nathanial B. Palmer and her crew,
  2. The Science Party: temporary lifelong friends (a true oxymoron)
  3. Our sky and sea companions: birds, whales, and seals,
  4. The power of the sea, and finally
  5. The human emotions of the departing and returning transit.