Giving Thanks

Yesterday marked my very first Thanksgiving at sea. Despite being away from my family and friends, this holiday turned out to be very nice.

For lunch we had the traditional turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and a variety of delicious desserts. We had to sample from a CTD cast just before the meal, but we had the rest of the day off.

In the evening I attended my very first ice party. Usually getting dressed up to go to a party doesn't involve putting on insulated underwear, two pairs of socks and gloves, and a silly looking hat, but it was fun nonetheless. We had horseshoes, a soccer ball, music, and some curious penguins for entertainment. The weather was pretty decent, although it was a bit windy, which made things a little uncomfortable for the first few minutes. Once I became numb, I couldn't help thinking about how lucky I was too be in such an amazing environment. The ice with its various shades of white and blue is absolutely beautiful.