Teacher Resources

A number of sites on the internet provide lesson plans, activities, and curricula related to underwater robotics, marine exploration and archeology, and estuarine science.

Bonaire 2008: Exploring Coral Reef Sustainability with New Technologies (NOAA's Ocean Explorer)

Dive in and follow along as Dr. Mark Patterson and colleagues use two kinds of AUVs to map the coral reefs of Bonaire.

Chessie: Chesapeake Science on the Internet for Educators

A compendium of Bay-related information and resources for teachers to incorporate into their curricula. Aligned to national and state science standards.

National Marine Sanctuaries Shipwrecks (Bridge Data Series)

Explore shipwrecks from 4 National Marine Sanctuaries on the West Coast of the U.S.

Navigation Education Materials (The Institute of Navigation)

These online lessons are designed to introduce navigation into the middle school curricula.

Newton's Apple: Sunken Slave Ship

Work in teams to create the story and site of a shipwreck in a tub or aquarium filled with sand and water. Explore another team's site to grid, tag, and excavate the artifacts. Record information about each item as you excavate and analyze it, then present your findings to other teams of marine archaeologists.

SeaMonster (Ocean Science, Sports, and Discovery)

Read an interview with Dr. Mark Patterson on the SeaMonster blog: Underwater robot time machine

Wisconsin's Great Lake Shipwrecks (University of Wisconsin Sea Grant/Wisconsin Historical Society)

Explore 17 of Wisconsin's Great Lake Shipwrecks through underwater video, historic photographs, and archeological discoveries.