Environmental Statistics and Transdisciplinary Data Science (ESTDatS) Lab

Lab Founder and Director: Grace Chiu

Founded in May 2019, the ESTDatS Lab is devoted to cutting-edge statistical and data scientific research in marine science, environmental science, and other scientific disciplines that are integral to evidence-based policy making.

Our lab specializes in integrative, holistic statistical methodologies to tackle multi-faceted research problems.

Methodological Specialties
Subject-Area Specialties
  • Bayesian / hierarchical / spatial / temporal / mixed-effects
    modeling of complex 
    environmental / ecological / biological
  • statistical model-based assessment of 
    ecological / biological / policy
  • integration of statistical and
    process / simulation
    models via Bayesian melding
  • non-standard asymptotic theory
  • transdisciplinary environmetrics
    (e.g. food web ecology,
    ecosystem health modeling,
    evaluation of farming practices,
    climate phenomena)
  • policy analytics
    (e.g. resource management,
    policy efficacy evaluation)

Featured in the Spring 2021 Issue of Impact.

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