Former Community Ecology Students

Ph.D. Students
Chris Long
Chris Long

Ph.D. 2007

Dissertation Topic:
Hypoxia and Macoma balthica: ecological effects on a key infaunal benthic species

Bruce Brylawski
Bryce Brylawski

Ph.D. 2008

Dissertation Topic: The implications of Macoma balthica growth and trophic interactions on enhancement of Callinectes sapidus stocks

Samuel Sturdivant
Samuel K. (Kersey) Sturdivant

Ph.D. 2011

Dissertation topic: The effects of hypoxia on macrobenthic production and function in the lower Rappahannock River, Chesapeake Bay, USA
(co-advisor with Bob Diaz)

Cassie Glaspie
Cassie Glaspie

Ph.D. May 2016

Dissertation topic: Marine benthic predator-prey interactions and global change

M.S. Students
Amanda Lawless
Amanda Lawless

M.S. 2008

Thesis topic: Effects of shoreline development and oyster reef placement on benthos, oysters, and predators in Lynnhaven Bay, Virginia

Ana Liza Hernandez Cordero
Ana Liza Hernandez Cordero

M.S. 2010

Thesis topic: Exploring the Potential for Bay Scallop, Argopecten irradians concentricus, Restoration in the Lynnhaven River Sub-estuary of Chesapeake Bay.

Cassie Bradley
Cassie D. Bradely (Lovall)

M.S. 2011

Thesis topic: The Impacts of Shoreline Development on Shallow-water Benthic Communities in the Patuxent River, MD

Theresa Davenport
Theresa M. Davenport

M.S. 2012

Thesis topic: The consequences of shoreline development for near-shore communities in Chesapeake Bay, USA: a before-after control-impact study

Melissa Karp
Melissa Karp

M.S. 2016

Thesis topic: Influence of structural complexity and location on the habitat value of restored oyster reefs

Bruce Pfirrmann
Bruce Pfirrmann

M.S. 2017

Thesis topic: Ecosystem Services of Restored Oyster Reefs in a Chesapeake Bay Tributary: Abundance and Foraging of Estuarine Fishes

Katherine Longmire
Katherine Longmire (Lopez)

Master’s degree 2020

Thesis topic: Effects of acidification and salinity on Callinectes sapidus, Mercenaria mercenaria, and their interactions

Shantelle Landry
Shantell Landry

Master’s degree 2021

Thesis topic: Recruitment and Post-Settlement Mortality of the Soft-shell Clam, Mya arenaria

Jainita Patel
Jainita Patel

Entered M.S. program 2020

Thesis topic: Impact of Substrate Type on Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) Recruitment and Benthic Community Structure and Productivity in the York River

Natalia Schoenberg
Natalia Schoenberg

Entered M.S. program 2021

Thesis topic: Growth and survival of outplanted soft-shell clams in the York River, VA

Undergraduates & high school students
Melissa Barger
Melissa Barger

(VIMS Governor's School Intern Summer 2000)

Project topic: Density-dependent predation and survival of Macoma balthica

Chantee Lively
Chantee' Lively

(VIMS REU intern 2019)

Project topic: Salinity and pH effects on blue crab, Callinectes sapidus, cuticle layer structure

Sara Vahdatshoar
Sara Vahdatshoar

(VIMS REU summer intern 2022)

Project topic: Comparison of biodiversity on bare sediment and artificial oyster substrates in the York River