Non-Native Oyster Timeline

Aug 2009 ACOE issues Record of Decision on Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS); decision disallows introduction of non-native oyster C. ariakensis and instead encourages enhanced restoration and aquaculture using native oyster C. virginica
Apr 2009 PEIS Executive Committee recommends native-only restoration strategy as the preferred alternative in the final PEIS
Mar 2009 Virginia Seafood Council (VSC) withdraws proposal for 2009 non-native oyster trial
Dec 2008 VIMS offers summary recommendations on PEIS
Dec 2008 60-day comment period on draft PEIS ends on December 15
Oct 2008 PEIS team releases draft statement, seeks public comment
Aug 2007 NOAA releases summary of products from non-native research
Jun 2007 PEIS Executive Committee issues a progress report
Sep 2006 NOAA updates status of PEIS research projects
Nov 2004 MD names independent advisory panel to review oyster research
Jan 2004 US Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) requests public comment on Environmental Impact Statement
Jan 2004 ACE issues a Federal Register notice of intent to prepare a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) for a proposed introduction of C. ariakensis into Chesapeake Bay
Oct 2003 VIMS posts web site for 2003-05 Virginia Seafood Council (VSC) trial
Sep 2003 VIMS deploys ariakensis to Virginia Seafood Council (VSC) growers
Aug 2003 National Academy of Science issues report on non-native oysters
Feb 2003 VMRC approves VSC proposal to expand experiments with C. ariakensis
Jan 2003 VIMS submits "Statement of expectations for research and development on non-native oysters" to VMRC
Dec 2002 Virginia Seafood Council submits proposal to VMRC for aquaculture trial
Mar 2002 National Academy agrees to review C. ariakensis issue
Jan 2002 VIMS articulates protocols for non-native oyster research
Dec 2001 Agencies issue statements on use of C. ariakensis for aquaculture in Chesapeake Bay
Oct 2001 VIMS hosts C. ariakensis symposium
  • Virginia Seafood Council (VSC) conducts in-water tests of C. ariakensis
  • Virginia Marine Resource Commission (VMRC) approves VSC request with VIMS monitoring
  • Virginia Seafood Council (VSC) requests C. ariakensis introduction
  • VIMS research shows high commercial potential for C. ariakensis
  • CBP ad-hoc panel approves VIMS marketability proposal
  • Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) ad-hoc panel approves VIMS proposal
  • VIMS proposes in-field testing of C. ariakensis
  • VIMS work on C. gigas ends, fails marketability test
  • Crassostrea rivularis renamed Crassostrea ariakensis
  • VIMS establishes ABC (Aquaculture Genetics and Breeding Technology Center)
  • CBP's Living Resources Sub-Committee (LRSC) accepts ad-hoc panel's recommendations
  • VIMS submits strategic plan for non-native oyster research to Virginia legislature
  • CBP forms ad-hoc panel to guide research on C. gigas and C. rivularis
  • Aquaculture industry requests introduction of non-native oysters
  • Oyster disease MSX found in Chesapeake Bay
  • Oyster disease Dermo found in Chesapeake Bay