Recycling at VIMS

Paper, Cardboard, Aluminum, & Plastic recycling: Please deposit these items in your recycling bins located in the hall ways and kitchenettes and follow all posted signs for what is accepted. If you find that your containers do not hold all of your materials or if you have any questions, please contact Bud at Facilities.  PLEASE do not place any hazardous, biological or radio isotope contaminated lab materials in these bins.

Glass Recycling: Please dispose of unbroken, non-contaminated glass beside the solvent shed located behind Byrd Hall.

Printer Cartridges: Email Debbie Bronk or Betty Neikirk for donation to SPCA shelters and Gloucester Schools, respectively.

Batteries: The GreenTeam will collect batteries periodically to take to Gloucester Co’s household hazardous waste collection. These can also be taken to any other locality’s household hazardous waste collection. You may also contact Bud Davenport when you have a collection of batteries to dispose. Additional information can be found here
--All sealed lead-acid, lithium, and NiCad batteries -- contact Paul Nichols (safety office).
--Car, truck and small vessel (lead-acid) batteries contact Roland Billups (garage).

Light Bulbs:
-- Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL, curly-looking) -- contact Paul Nichols.
-- Mercury vapor bulls (i.e., from fume hoods) -- contact Paul Nichols.
-- Large fluorescent bulbs -- contact Facilities.  (These will be crushed and placed in large drums to be shipped to Florida.)

Styrofoam containers:  Qiagen Styrofoam products can be sent back easily through using the return slip on box.

Plastic Science products:  USA Scientific Plastic Products disposal in various labs throughout VIMS.
Compact fluorescent light bulbs:  These should be brought the household hazardous waste collections in the area. Also check out For information on disposing of a broken CFL, please go to the EPA site on flourescent bulbs.