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Jacques Van Montfrans

Instructor of Marine Science

Email: [[vanm]]
Phone: (804) 684-7391
Office: Andrews Hall 130
Department: Fisheries Science

  • B.S., Florida State University
  • M.S., Florida Atlantic University
Research Interests

My research interests focus broadly on factors affecting the population dynamics of the blue crab (and other decapod crustacea and finfish), including recruitment processes, habitat requirements, predator-prey dynamics, reproductive ecology and, the application of ecological relationships to fishery management policy.

Current Projects
  • Quantifying settlement, abundance and mortality of blue crab postlarvae and early juvenile instars in seagrass habitats and unvegetated bottom of the lower Chesapeake Bay.
  • Habitat requirements and trophic ecology of juvenile and adult spotted sea trout in Chesapeake Bay.
  • Restoration ecology of seagrass habitats and effects on the enhancement of recreationally and commercially important species.
Selected Publications
  • Pile, A. J., R. N. Lipcius, J. van Montfrans and R. J. Orth. 1996. Density-dependent settler-recruit-juvenile relationships in blue crabs. Ecological Monographs. 66(3):277-300.
  • Orth, R.J., J. van Montfrans, R.N. Lipcius, K.S. Metcalf. 1996. Utilization of seagrass habitat by the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus Rathbun, in Chesapeake Bay: A review in Seagrass Biology: Proceedings of an International Workshop. pp. 213-224.
  • J. van Montfrans,, C.E. Epifanio, D.M. Knott, R.N. Lipcius, D.J. Mense, K.S. Metcalf, E.J. Olmi III, R.J. Orth, M.H. Posey, E.L. Wenner, T.L. West. 1995. Settlement of blue crab postlarvae in western North Atlantic estuaries. Bulletin of Marine Science. 57: 834-854.
  • Metcalf, K. S., J. van Montfrans, R. N. Lipcius and R. J. Orth. 1995. Settlement indices for blue crab megalopae in the York River, Virginia: Temporal relationships and statistical efficiency. Bulletin of Marine Science 57(3): 781-792.