Catch the King

...the largest environmental survey on the planet

In its inaugural year, Catch the King garnered the support of 722 individual volunteers who directly surveyed 59,718 GPS-reported high water marks during a king tide flood event over 6 hours on Nov. 5, 2017, across the U.S. East Coast. As a result, the effort was recognized by Guinness World Records for having the most contributions to an environmental survey. For more specifics regarding the who, what, when, where, why, and how-- details are in Dave Mayfield's News Release and outlined below:


Catch the King (Volunteers)

722 Volunteers participated in Catch the King 2017, and their efforts principally contributed to this achievement. The registered volunteer names are listed by where they mapped:

1 Debbie Davis Chesapeake
2 Mary Greblunas Chesapeake
3 Kaitlin Joyce Chesapeake
4 Cheryl Loughran Chesapeake
5 Emily Mathiak Chesapeake
6 Shannon Hall Chesapeake
7 Elisa Lahey Chesapeake
8 Jody Nogle Chesapeake
9 Dory Suttmiller Chesapeake
10 Judy Hinch Chesapeake
11 Evette Langham Chesapeake
12 William H Spaur Chesapeake
13 Bill Myers Chesapeake
14 Debbie Myers Chesapeake
15 Laura Kole Chesapeake
16 Gloria R. Skinner-Mewborn Chesapeake
17 Heidi Lawson Chesapeake
18 Jessica Guglielmo Chesapeake
19 Heather Atherton Chesapeake
20 Terrah Smith Chesapeake
21 Todd Wagner Chesapeake
22 George Walton Chesapeake
23 Lynnette Ansell Chesapeake
24 Pattama Intavongsnell Chesapeake
25 Jeanie Misencik Chesapeake
26 Mark Mallamo Chesapeake
27 Taylor Adams Chesapeake
28 Amy Adams Chesapeake
29 Kathi Chesapeake
30 Andrew Winz Chesapeake
31 Jamie Growney Chesapeake
32 Kristin Joslin Chesapeake
33 Daniel And Desiree Demarte Chesapeake
34 Nicole Benson Chesapeake
35 Curt And Diane Peters Chesapeake
36 Shelley Deneau Chesapeake
37 Barbara Parker Chesapeake
38 Chris Jones Chesapeake
39 Curt Peters Chesapeake
40 Wendy Boswell Chesapeake
41 Greenwald Rebecca Chesapeake
42 David Morgan Chesapeake
43 Wendy Archbell Chesapeake
44 Rachel Blake Chesapeake
45 Marleen Viola Chesapeake
46 John Huber Chesapeake
47 Lauren Bradford Chesapeake
48 Jayne Whitney Chesapeake
49 John Huber Chesapeake
50 Lynn Gilbert Chesapeake
51 Diane Burke Chesapeake
52 Joe Antle Chesapeake
53 Kay Antle Chesapeake
54 Everette Floyd Chesapeake
55 Sally Floyd Chesapeake
56 Yogi Harper Chesapeake
57 Bob Meissner Chesapeake
58 Vicki Chesapeake
59 Christina Adams Chesapeake
60 Bob Harkins Chesapeake
61 Virginia Matish Chesapeake
62 Joan C Mercer Chesapeake
63 Quintin Floyd Chesapeake
64 Michele Curth Chesapeake
65 Tricia Chesapeake
66 Sherri Fly Chesapeake
67 Susan Rowland Chesapeake
68 Charles Hulse Chesapeake
69 Robin Magrisi Chesapeake
70 David Bower Chesapeake
71 Sarah Musgrove Chesapeake
72 Shauna England Chesapeake
73 Leslie Bennis Chesapeake
74 Susan Hodges Chesapeake
75 Edward Anderson Chesapeake
76 Bob Pfeiffer Chesapeake
77 Paul Chesapeake
78 Chaunta Morales Chesapeake
79 Tom Severn Chesapeake
80 Bill Leber Chesapeake
81 Maria Fernandez Chesapeake
82 Daniel R Evans Chesapeake
83 Chris Whitney Chesapeake
84 Rebecca Adams Chesapeake
85 Patti Mccambridge Chesapeake
86 Heidi Lawson Chesapeake
87 Bledar Cela Chesapeake
88 Joe Fuller Chesapeake
89 William Mckinley Chesapeake
90 Jeremy Young Chesapeake
91 Annie Gilstrap Chesapeake
92 Sandra Fletcher Chesapeake
93 Sandra Fletcher Chesapeake
94 Cristina Fletcher Chesapeake
95 Andrea Geyer Chesapeake
96 Nathan Chesapeake
97 Jason Sneed Chesapeake
98 Robert And Leanne Stoufer Chesapeake
99 Patrick Mcgrath Gloucester
100 Terri Gloucester
101 Katherine Schulz Gloucester
102 Keith Harris Gloucester
103 Tony Penza Gloucester
104 Tina Hutcheson Gloucester
105 Vic Spain Gloucester
106 Ted Stout Gloucester
107 John Rt Gloucester
108 Frannie Rawlings Gloucester
109 Pin-Han Kuo Gloucester
110 Jim Robinson Gloucester
111 Betty Burton Gloucester
112 Karen Duhring Gloucester
113 Susan Ford Gloucester
114 Claiborn Phillips Gloucester
115 David Forbes Gloucester
116 Mac Sisson Gloucester
117 Dianne Bell Gloucester
118 Jorin Hood Gloucester
119 Michael Soberick, Jr. Gloucester
120 Trish Limbaugh Gloucester
121 Sabrina Powell Gloucester
122 Kathy Phillips Gloucester
123 Marshall Mcclure Gloucester
124 Michael Soberick Gloucester
125 Leonne Arsenovic Gloucester
126 Rosemary Hobart Gloucester
127 Lisa White Gloucester
128 Michelle Slosser Gloucester
129 Rosemary Hobart Gloucester
130 Samantha Greninger Gloucester
131 Sandra Erdle Gloucester
132 Ann Burruss Gloucester
133 Susan Crockett Gloucester
134 Pete Hall Gloucester
135 Darlean May Gloucester
136 Karen  Hampton
137 David Conrad Hampton
138 Amy Santos Hampton
139 Susan Knopfle Hampton
140 Linda Holmes Hampton
141 Bryan Barmore Hampton
142 Karen Johnson Hampton
143 Tiesha Hopkins Hampton
144 Brad Goodman Hampton
145 J Moyer Hampton
146 Joanna Hampton
147 David Stalfort Hampton
148 Sandra Ottman Hampton
149 Emily Honroth Hampton
150 Brian Russell Hampton
151 Michael Kastello Hampton
152 Kathy Barber Hampton
153 Suzie Trotter Hampton
154 Sue Black Hampton
155 Tim Miller Hampton
156 Milyn King Hampton
157 Jaroslaw Sobieski Hampton
158 Claire Neubert Hampton
159 Leonard S. Mayo Hampton
160 Sydney Thomas Hampton
161 Jamie Chapman Hampton
162 Keatha Morris Hampton
163 Janie Wiesen Hampton
164 Janet Tucker Hampton
165 Lauren Hasselquist Hampton
166 Arne Hasselquist Hampton
167 Lylliane Battle Hampton
168 Stacey Cole Hampton
169 Sandra Campbell Hampton
170 Amber Hodges Hampton
171 Linda Williams Hampton
172 Tanya O'connor Hampton
173 Amy Knight Hampton
174 Kim Root Hampton
175 Jerry Roush Hampton
176 Lara Hawthorne Hampton
177 Carolyn Cox Hampton
178 Mark Rieg Hampton
179 Tom Joyner Hampton
180 Susan Knopfle Hampton
181 Brad Trotter Hampton
182 Donald Kent Hampton
183 Marcia Harrington Hampton
184 George C. Greene Hampton
185 Sarah Hampton
186 Sandra Burns Hampton
187 Joe Schy Hampton
188 Karen Etherington Hampton
189 Melody Avery Hampton
190 Marie Smith Hampton
191 Ron Webb, Jr. Hampton
192 Laurie Brunk Newport News
193 Jeffrey Newport News
194 Jay Bowden Newport News
195 Dana Perry Newport News
196 Alice Robinson Nn Cert Newport News
197 Beverley Nunnally Newport News
198 Herbert Rambow Newport News
199 Anne Gilbert Newport News
200 Rory Hendricks Newport News
201 Edward Fiscella Newport News
202 Joe Patoux Newport News
203 Graham Reed Newport News
204 Ernest Thompson Newport News
205 Minh Starzewski Newport News
206 Laura Mullin Newport News
207 Rob Dick Newport News
208 Brad Kiehner Newport News
209 Laura Spencer Newport News
210 Sandra Canepa Newport News
211 Larry Chenkin Newport News
212 Dale Timmer Newport News
213 Susie Falen Newport News
214 Joan Minarik Newport News
215 Tammie Organski Newport News
216 Fred Simmons Newport News
217 Ken Newport News
218 Milda Begovic Newport News
219 Kohl Coffman Newport News
220 David Norman Newport News
221 Eric Backmon Newport News
222 Ed Mullis Newport News
223 Raymond Yoh Newport News
224 Paul Hoyt Newport News
225 Annelise Newport News
226 Ann Hagemab Newport News
227 Cole Brundage Newport News
228 Raye Mathis Newport News
229 Kevin Shortsleeve Newport News
230 Skip Stiles Norfolk
231 David Mayfield  Norfolk
232 Skip Stiles Norfolk
233 Arrianee Lebeau Norfolk
234 Derek Loftis Norfolk
235 Lisa Horth Norfolk
236 Jillian Martin Norfolk
237 Dave Nye Norfolk
238 Betty Baucom Norfolk
239 Beverly Gibson Norfolk
240 Diane Fleming Norfolk
241 Lee Teevan Norfolk
242 Marci Eggers Norfolk
243 Jennifer Wilson Norfolk
244 Paula Studebaker Norfolk
245 Linwood Norfolk
246 Vickie Cusson Norfolk
247 Devin Calpo Norfolk
248 John Huffman Norfolk
249 George Turner Norfolk
250 Terri Johnson Norfolk
251 Lisa M Foye Norfolk
252 Jennifer Lewis Norfolk
253 Steve And Milissa Whitfield Norfolk
254 Danielle Kidwell Norfolk
255 Jeff Darden Norfolk
256 Kevin Du Bois Norfolk
257 Nicole Knudson Norfolk
258 Tycho Knudson Norfolk
259 Justin Shafer Norfolk
260 Andy Meagher Norfolk
261 Clara Heyder Norfolk
262 Lori Wagoner Norfolk
263 Susan Ziller Norfolk
264 Mary Jane Hall Norfolk
265 Brian Daniel Norfolk
266 Helen Jones Norfolk
267 John Stewart Norfolk
268 Barbara Price Norfolk
269 Sally Hartman Norfolk
270 Amy Flora Norfolk
271 Robin Franklin Norfolk
272 David Lamp Norfolk
273 Trina Tolentino-Pruden Norfolk
274 Elizabeth Carhart Norfolk
275 Sam Sink Norfolk
276 David Peronnet Norfolk
277 Susan Motley Norfolk
278 Keith Darrow Norfolk
279 Ashtyn Greene Norfolk
280 Jennifer Peronnet Norfolk
281 Greg Rutledge Norfolk
282 Butch Bracknell Norfolk
283 Carrie Crisman Norfolk
284 Kelly Stefanko Norfolk
285 Alan Schwitzer Norfolk
286 Cary Petzinger Norfolk
287 Elisa Lewis Norfolk
288 Pat Connelly Norfolk
289 Beth Ewing Norfolk
290 Michael Phelps Norfolk
291 John Harbin Norfolk
292 Ken Vinson Norfolk
293 Thomas Alleman Norfolk
294 Deborah Donour Norfolk
295 Peter Hatchard Norfolk
296 Diane Dorney Norfolk
297 Laura Norfolk
298 Matt Frank Norfolk
299 David Waters Norfolk
300 Bill Judge Norfolk
301 Darlene Sommer Norfolk
302 Alyssa Muhlendorf Norfolk
303 Laura Thom Norfolk
304 Sonja Cichy-Ayork Norfolk
305 Marshall Mcclure Norfolk
306 Sarah Hutzler Norfolk
307 Chris Cook Norfolk
308 Francie Siegfried Norfolk
309 Wendy Farnham Norfolk
310 George Bangs Norfolk
311 Patrice Malena Norfolk
312 Bet Norfolk
313 Marjorie Mayfield Jackson Norfolk
314 Andrew Richard Norfolk
315 Jimmie Ann Duffy Norfolk
316 Alfonso Norfolk
317 Anisa Sellers Norfolk
318 Ray Boland Norfolk
319 Shannon Sayles Norfolk
320 Staley Jordan Norfolk
321 Yifan Norfolk
322 Marguerite Krasnicki Norfolk
323 Sherry Dibari Norfolk
324 Jay Gill Norfolk
325 Merri Norfolk
326 Keith Norfolk
327 Josie Bergstrom Norfolk
328 Mary Ann Walzer Norfolk
329 Kristen Firestone Norfolk
330 Chip Finch Norfolk
331 Phil Grathwol Norfolk
332 Nicole Hope Norris Norfolk
333 Angela Ramsey Norfolk
334 Rachel Norfolk
335 Chris Neikirk Norfolk
336 Kevin Slates Norfolk
337 Ken Drinkwalter Norfolk
338 Kathleen Norfolk
339 Gail Nicula Norfolk
340 Thomas H Meurer Norfolk
341 Carol Senechal Norfolk
342 Charlie Triplett Norfolk
343 Mary Ellen Triplett Norfolk
344 Christina Norfolk
345 Linda Baldwin Norfolk
346 Georg Dahl Norfolk
347 Robert Randolph Norfolk
348 Richard Strauss Norfolk
349 Sherry Dibari Norfolk
350 David Pezza Norfolk
351 Erica Howell Norfolk
352 Jim Chandler Norfolk
353 Liz Becker Norfolk
354 Rusty And Karen Hartman Norfolk
355 Brandon Olivarez Norfolk
356 Patty Lott Norfolk
357 Robin Russ Norfolk
358 Andrew Paul Norfolk
359 Charles Hecht-Leavitt Norfolk
360 Ashley King Norfolk
361 Charles Kessler Norfolk
362 Lori Kintsche Norfolk
363 John Klinck Norfolk
364 Nancy Pope Norfolk
365 Sarah Ellid Norfolk
366 Josh Solomon Norfolk
367 Bridget Dineen Norfolk
368 Ann Bockheim Norfolk
369 Phil Stedfast Norfolk
370 Julia Tracy Norfolk
371 Christina Birdsong Norfolk
372 Armistead Williams Norfolk
373 Isabelle Bailey Norfolk
374 Ahzaria Garris Norfolk
375 Laura George Norfolk
376 Nicholas Norfolk
377 Eduardo Perez Vega Norfolk
378 Nicole Nguyen Norfolk
379 Leah Richels Norfolk
380 Corrin Richels Norfolk
381 Kobe Nguyen Norfolk
382 Devin Calpo Norfolk
383 Owen Midgette Norfolk
384 Jackson Walsh Norfolk
385 Nina Alinsonorin Norfolk
386 Raelynn Goodnough Norfolk
387 Leah Anne Gibala-Smith Norfolk
388 Margie Mulholland Norfolk
389 Karen Cifranick Norfolk
390 Lorene B Richardson Norfolk
391 Traci Whitley Norfolk
392 Gregory D Ellson Norfolk
393 Nancy Lewis Norfolk
394 Rui Wang Norfolk
395 Janet Rinehart-Kim Norfolk
396 Bria Blake Norfolk
397 Mel Price Norfolk
398 Peter Johnston Norfolk
399 Rob Bartylla Norfolk
400 Becki Norfolk
401 Alissa Skelton Norfolk
402 Ken And Diane Richards Norfolk
403 Leonard L Clark Jr Norfolk
404 Kimberly Norfolk
405 Emily Ross Norfolk
406 Kiquanda Baker Norfolk
407 Sarah Mcbride Norfolk
408 Jean Harris Norfolk
409 Steve Gunn/Jean Harris Norfolk
410 Denise Humphries Norfolk
411 Ellen Rey Norfolk
412 Lizz Norfolk
413 Zand Bakhtiari Norfolk
414 Sharon K Beene Norfolk
415 Andria Mcclellan Norfolk
416 William B Sanford Norfolk
417 Karen Norfolk
418 Carl And Amy Spangler Norfolk
419 Courtney Doyle Norfolk
420 Kim Kurtz Norfolk
421 Linda Archer Norfolk
422 Clifford Firstenberg Norfolk
423 Annette Field Norfolk
424 Sharon Beene Norfolk
425 Brittany Norfolk
426 Rachel Watts Norfolk
427 Paula Echols Norfolk
428 Susan Lawler Norfolk
429 Chris Gunnufsen Norfolk
430 Nancy Milner Norfolk
431 Virginia Harvey Norfolk
432 Mary Ann Latona Nadler Norfolk
433 Bonnie Gordon-Rabinowitz Norfolk
434 April Davis Norfolk
435 Zachary Jarjoura Norfolk
436 Bruce Britton Norfolk
437 Melanie Horgan Norfolk
438 Kate Wilson Norfolk
439 Katherine Hafner Norfolk
440 Gail Dodge Norfolk
441 Carl Spangler Norfolk
442 John W Price Norfolk
443 Gary Flaskegaard Norfolk
444 Christine Norfolk
445 Marissa Dingler Norfolk
446 Lee Williams Norfolk
447 Dianne Steele Norfolk
448 John Blumling Norfolk
449 Ashley Laws Norfolk
450 Linda Husbands Norfolk
451 Dana Fleming Norfolk
452 Richard Norfolk
453 Michele Schinderle Norfolk
454 Eileen Price Norfolk
455 Marjorie Kidd Norfolk
456 Hank Eacho Norfolk
457 Wesley Cheney Norfolk
458 M. E. And Keith Norfolk
459 John Britton Norfolk
460 Eileen Bennett Norfolk
461 Ann Bolen Norfolk
462 Katherine Barrera Norfolk
463 Joe Bouchard Norfolk
464 Matt Bengtson Norfolk
465 Matt Bengtson Norfolk
466 Dan Norfolk
467 Pat Williams Norfolk
468 Heather Miller Tokarz Norfolk
469 Janis Dauer Norfolk
470 Kimberly Mitchell Norfolk
471 Mike Wasserberg Norfolk
472 Steve Woll Norfolk
473 Erle Latimer Norfolk
474 Jake Jacklich Norfolk
475 Madeline Hummel Norfolk
476 Corday Selden Norfolk
477 Rip Hale Norfolk
478 Dan Barshis Norfolk
479 Joseph T Gaber Norfolk
480 Katie Mihelich Norfolk
481 Lili Costa-Wemhoff Norfolk
482 John Luker Norfolk
483 Richard C. Boutwell Norfolk
484 Randy Lougee Norfolk
485 Dave Dodson Norfolk
486 Alex Laplace Norfolk
487 Lea & Bryan Bennett Norfolk
488 Ann Phillips Norfolk
489 Jean Powell/Jett Norfolk
490 Camellia Moses Okpodu Norfolk
491 Camellia Moses Okpodu Norfolk
492 Lauren Sommers Norfolk
493 Mekhia Norfolk
494 Linda Norfolk
495 Benjamyn J. Kidd Norfolk
496 Norman Grose Norfolk
497 Brittany Knight Norfolk
498 Taylor Miller Norfolk
499 Parke Martin Norfolk
500 Darius Jones Norfolk
501 William Huberdeau Norfolk
502 Shaniya Powell Norfolk
503 Jane Cantin Norfolk
504 Daniel Russell Norfolk
505 Mary Westbrook Norfolk
506 Paul Judd Norfolk
507 Aaron Platt Norfolk
508 Ken Paulson Norfolk
509 Ginny Werner Norfolk
510 Will Redfern Norfolk
511 Mary Louise O'brien Norfolk
512 Carol Laibstain Norfolk
513 Michael Echevarria Norfolk
514 Robert Rea Portsmouth
515 Kolleen Mortimer Portsmouth
516 Win Winslow Portsmouth
517 Jennifer Portsmouth
518 Dyanna Portsmouth
519 Pieter Dahmen Portsmouth
520 Beverly Heimbach Portsmouth
521 Teri Sheffield Portsmouth
522 Pamela Regula Portsmouth
523 Joel Fischer Portsmouth
524 Paulette Christian Portsmouth
525 Isma Granger Portsmouth
526 Edward Barham Iii Portsmouth
527 Frank Thomson Portsmouth
528 Holly Simmons Portsmouth
529 Gerrie Phibbs Portsmouth
530 Jacquelyn Dessino Portsmouth
531 Garry Harris Portsmouth
532 Sherry Clem Portsmouth
533 Sarah Sumoski Portsmouth
534 Kristina Kinney Portsmouth
535 Holly Schubert Portsmouth
536 Martin F Hill Portsmouth
537 Mickie Nance Portsmouth
538 Nancy & Colin Sargent Portsmouth
539 Karen Mcmillen Portsmouth
540 Susan Berry Portsmouth
541 Name Region
542 Cindy Pinell Suffolk
543 Robert Granozio Suffolk
544 Ronald March Suffolk
545 Beverly Van Straten Suffolk
546 David Conlon Suffolk
547 Tonya Bangley Suffolk
548 Denise Murden Suffolk
549 Ann Consolvo Suffolk
550 Kimberly Bikowski Suffolk
551 Robert Rhodes Suffolk
552 Scott Gibson Suffolk
553 Jeff Roberson Suffolk
554 Karen Jones Suffolk
555 Brian Boutot Suffolk
556 Thomas Patrick Suffolk
557 Emily Christman Suffolk
558 Brenda Kerr Suffolk
559 Michael Stimpson Suffolk
560 Denise Parker Suffolk
561 Marie Roosendaal Suffolk
562 Pat Hones Suffolk
563 Kay W. Hurley Suffolk
564 Mary King Suffolk
565 Nancy Parker Suffolk
566 Gray Milteer Suffolk
567 Heather Gustafson Suffolk
568 Bill Hunter Virginia Beach
569 Dell Young/West Shore Drivers Virginia Beach
570 Connie Carlock Virginia Beach
571 Mj Fama Virginia Beach
572 Sue Williams Virginia Beach
573 Matthew Fitrer Virginia Beach
574 Fred O'connell Virginia Beach
575 Royann Anderson Virginia Beach
576 Jo Grice-Barrows Virginia Beach
577 Dan Barrows Virginia Beach
578 Kaleb Dunlap Virginia Beach
579 Sue Reddecliff Virginia Beach
580 Sarah Mckown Virginia Beach
581 Jan Skinner Virginia Beach
582 Kathleen Heilig Virginia Beach
583 Beth King Virginia Beach
584 Susan Boland Virginia Beach
585 Kat Barefoot Virginia Beach
586 Karen Virginia Beach
587 Blair Skipper Virginia Beach
588 Ruth Burch Virginia Beach
589 Laura Kramer Virginia Beach
590 Cathy L Francis Virginia Beach
591 Valerie Custer Virginia Beach
592 Annette Hare Virginia Beach
593 Joe Sanderlin Virginia Beach
594 Dawn Bell Virginia Beach
595 Shawn Krisch Virginia Beach
596 Bob Maholchic Virginia Beach
597 Danya Bushey Virginia Beach
598 Lorraine Freeman Virginia Beach
599 Sanford Rosenberg Virginia Beach
600 John Mannarino Virginia Beach
601 John Mannarino Virginia Beach
602 Christian Raab Virginia Beach
603 Gwen Gilbert Virginia Beach
604 Jerry Gillett Virginia Beach
605 Erika Sherrod Virginia Beach
606 Sandi Advocat Virginia Beach
607 Doug Duggan Virginia Beach
608 Lois Bailey Virginia Beach
609 Angela Lindsey Virginia Beach
610 Ch2m Hill EMS Virginia Beach
611 Cindy D Moon Virginia Beach
612 Chuck Weigand Virginia Beach
613 Nils Bahringer Virginia Beach
614 Claudia Mcconathy Virginia Beach
615 Martin Mayer Virginia Beach
616 Bethany Pintore Virginia Beach
617 Shannon B Virginia Beach
618 Courtney Klepac Virginia Beach
619 David Michaud Virginia Beach
620 Denise Ross Virginia Beach
621 Jessica Hayes Virginia Beach
622 Debbie Given Virginia Beach
623 Karen Forget Virginia Beach
624 J Wilson Virginia Beach
625 Lois Virginia Beach
626 Harriet Baker Virginia Beach
627 Maryann Keally Virginia Beach
628 Catherine Prutsman Virginia Beach
629 Robert Stephens Virginia Beach
630 Sierra, Scott, And Wendy Tompkins Virginia Beach
631 David W. Best, Md Virginia Beach
632 Macklin Smith Virginia Beach
633 Kimberly Millering Virginia Beach
634 Jennifer Thomas Virginia Beach
635 Fay Silverman Virginia Beach
636 Ed Kramer Virginia Beach
637 Rich Boylan Virginia Beach
638 Tom Prochilo Virginia Beach
639 Linda And Don Durkee Virginia Beach
640 Don Runyon Virginia Beach
641 Arthur Jones Virginia Beach
642 Cheryl Turpin Virginia Beach
643 Bryan Pettit Virginia Beach
644 Justin Hall Virginia Beach
645 William Jennings Virginia Beach
646 Ginny James Virginia Beach
647 Marg Reinhrdt Virginia Beach
648 Melissa O'brian Virginia Beach
649 Robert And Laney Brown Virginia Beach
650 Rosalind Gillett Virginia Beach
651 Nina Howard Virginia Beach
652 Andy Friedman Virginia Beach
653 Deborah & Kurt Schroeder Virginia Beach
654 Jackie Cotton Virginia Beach
655 Chad Chandler Virginia Beach
656 Bill Gibbs Virginia Beach
657 David Jardot Virginia Beach
658 Aileen Whitaker Virginia Beach
659 Lisa Phillips Virginia Beach
660 Terry Siviter Virginia Beach
661 Matthew Hoffman Virginia Beach
662 Monica Ward Virginia Beach
663 Sara Atherholt Virginia Beach
664 Nancy Saunders Virginia Beach
665 Steve Kelley Virginia Beach
666 Candy Zuhars Virginia Beach
667 Bob Taylor Virginia Beach
668 Marian And Gentry Childress Virginia Beach
669 Nancy Divkerson Virginia Beach
670 Leslie Spruance Virginia Beach
671 Stephen Ries Virginia Beach
672 Stephen Terry Virginia Beach
673 Mike Standing, Sr. Virginia Beach
674 John Boyce Virginia Beach
675 Pierce Tyler Virginia Beach
676 Dan Greene Virginia Beach
677 Mike Overstreet Virginia Beach
678 Sheilah Davidson Virginia Beach
679 Tuan Nguyen Virginia Beach
680 Steven Stasulis Virginia Beach
681 Jennifer Payne Virginia Beach
682 Elizabeth Vittone Virginia Beach
683 Ashley Smith Virginia Beach
684 David Smith Virginia Beach
685 Connie Webb Virginia Beach
686 Edward Krauss Virginia Beach
687 Vincent Bowhers Virginia Beach
688 Sarah Ellis Virginia Beach
689 Gail Kynett Virginia Beach
690 Caron Sanson Virginia Beach
691 Brian Callahan Virginia Beach
692 Rachel Friend Virginia Beach
693 Tanner Council Virginia Beach
694 Tom Mooney Virginia Beach
695 Michael Virginia Beach
696 Karen Causey Virginia Beach
697 Mary Reid Barrow Virginia Beach
698 Kim Kranz Virginia Beach
699 Karen Allen Virginia Beach
700 Greg Virginia Beach
701 Joe Kelly Virginia Beach
702 Susan Reilly Virginia Beach
703 Jeannie Landis Virginia Beach
704 Lesley Mcguire Virginia Beach
705 June Mcdaniels Virginia Beach
706 Luis Fundora Virginia Beach
707 Chad Manke Virginia Beach
708 Olivia Manke Virginia Beach
709 Chloe Manke Virginia Beach
710 Karen Allen Virginia Beach
711 Terry Ritter Virginia Beach
712 Jean Kerry Virginia Beach
713 Esther Stapelfeldt-Roach Virginia Beach
714 Kim Miller Virginia Beach
715 Kristina Cotten Virginia Beach
716 Chris Aebel Virginia Beach
717 Dennis Hartig Virginia Beach
718 Holly Tower Virginia Beach
719 Dolores Marinello Virginia Beach
720 Parks Atkinson Virginia Beach
721 Adam Bergman Virginia Beach
722 Patrick Lehman Virginia Beach
723 Gabe Retana Virginia Beach
724 Jeanne Miesse Virginia Beach
725 Diane Allen Virginia Beach
726 Colleen Swayne Virginia Beach
727 Jeff Swayne Virginia Beach
728 Rich Bourgerie Virginia Beach
729 Pearl Bochen Virginia Beach
730 Imelda Srrrsbi Virginia Beach
731 Lee Woodard Virginia Beach
732 Nancy Gorry Virginia Beach
733 Hank Kofron Virginia Beach
734 Kyle Joseph Murray Virginia Beach
735 Susan And Michael Whitten Virginia Beach
736 Grant Shaw Virginia Beach
737 Brandon Cholek Virginia Beach
738 Barb Ryan Virginia Beach
739 Nancy Ronald Virginia Beach
740 Ian Morrison Virginia Beach
741 Teresa Austin Virginia Beach
742 Laurel Anderson Virginia Beach
743 Paul Pichardo Virginia Beach
744 Edgardo "Pete" Abreu Virginia Beach
745 Ray Williams Virginia Beach
746 Sheri Payne Virginia Beach
747 Christina Sinclair Virginia Beach
748 Beverly Mcghghy Virginia Beach
749 Ralph E. Northcutt Virginia Beach
750 Susan Northcutt Virginia Beach
751 Devrick Johnson Virginia Beach
752 Steve Champion Virginia Beach
753 Helen Prince Virginia Beach
754 Alma Henry Virginia Beach
755 Abbey Pachter Virginia Beach
756 Andy Bedinger Virginia Beach
757 Bill Motley Virginia Beach
758 Richard Wagner Virginia Beach
759 Pete Costenbader Virginia Beach
760 Andrew Virginia Beach
761 Mary Jane Sufficool Virginia Beach
762 William Brown Virginia Beach
763 Cheryl Camerino Virginia Beach
764 Gail Teuschler Virginia Beach
765 Carol Pierzynski Virginia Beach
766 Chris H Virginia Beach
767 Tom Laidlaw Virginia Beach
768 Rebecca Dirosa Virginia Beach
769 Stacy Virginia Beach
770 Jessi Virginia Beach
771 Amber Lamonte Virginia Beach
772 Catherine Rothman Virginia Beach
773 Wendy Bookhout Virginia Beach
774 Barbara C Ohare Virginia Beach
775 Rachel Virginia Beach
776 Greg Nottingham Virginia Beach
777 Janice Jessup Virginia Beach
778 Gerrie West Virginia Beach
779 Christina Virginia Beach
780 Karen Morell Virginia Beach
781 Kara, Ed, & Mason Raymundo Virginia Beach
782 Jill Mckinley Virginia Beach
783 Stephen Smith Virginia Beach
784 Corey Tullar Virginia Beach
785 Kristen Webster Virginia Beach
786 Victoria Fox Virginia Beach
787 Derek Pace Virginia Beach
788 Sarah Harrington Virginia Beach
789 Kim Bovee Virginia Beach
790 Kim Johnson Virginia Beach
791 Cathy Castle Virginia Beach
792 Grace Stedje-Larsen Virginia Beach
793 William Mogen Virginia Beach
794 Lisa Bailey Virginia Beach
795 Beth Braun Virginia Beach
796 Kristina Scholze Virginia Beach
797 Carlos Toro Virginia Beach
798 Peter Virginia Beach
799 Jim Bolander Virginia Beach
800 Griffith Jones Virginia Beach
801 Greg Virginia Beach
802 Carlton Virginia Beach
803 Vicky Gray Virginia Beach
804 Katragadda Sridhar Virginia Beach
805 Fred Wurster Virginia Beach
806 Peter Cummings Virginia Beach
807 Peter Cummings Virginia Beach
808 Frank Vanella Virginia Beach
809 Keith Virginia Beach
810 Kevan Danker Williamsburg/James City
811 Stephen Chamberlain Williamsburg/James City
812 Sarah Springmann Williamsburg/James City
813 Tom Snyder Williamsburg/James City
814 Yvonne Fleischman Williamsburg/James City
815 Lisa Nickel Williamsburg/James City
816 Jessica Berg Williamsburg/James City
817 Ron Goldstein Williamsburg/James City
818 Heather Williamsburg/James City
819 Susan Kern Williamsburg/James City
820 Avery Fernandez Williamsburg/James City
821 Robert Fairbairn Williamsburg/James City
822 Doug Simpson York/Poquoson
823 Matt Rinck York/Poquoson
824 Belinda Willis York/Poquoson
825 John Shepherd York/Poquoson
826 Mike And Pam Andriliunas York/Poquoson
827 Ellen Thacker York/Poquoson
828 Roxanne Huckstep York/Poquoson
829 Patty Chaney York/Poquoson
830 Lisa Allam-Cruff York/Poquoson
831 Vicki Ellinger York/Poquoson
832 Susie Engle York/Poquoson
833 Jim Burley York/Poquoson
834 Melissa Cheaney York/Poquoson
835 Elizabeth Hodson York/Poquoson
836 James Weeks York/Poquoson
837 Anne Hutchens York/Poquoson
838 Jack Montgomery York/Poquoson
839 Nancy And Dave Crow York/Poquoson
840 Deena Obrokta York/Poquoson
841 J Flanagan York/Poquoson
842 Karen Self York/Poquoson
843 David O'brien York/Poquoson
844 David Crow York/Poquoson
845 Lu Ann Klevecz York/Poquoson
846 James Hoell York/Poquoson
847 Dan Spooner York/Poquoson
848 Anne Hutchens York/Poquoson
849 Karen Grass York/Poquoson
850 Teresa Fenn York/Poquoson
851 Marta Fenn York/Poquoson
852 Lynn Kenneally York/Poquoson
853 Karen And Bill Grass York/Poquoson
854 Aaron Zeno York/Poquoson
855 Bry Vega York/Poquoson
856 David Butler York/Poquoson
857 Aaron Holmes York/Poquoson
858 Bryce York/Poquoson
859 Andrea Cowley York/Poquoson
860 Dave Hendrickson Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
861 Judy Rolfe Anywhere/Outsdie Hampton Roads
862 Jerry Imrich Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
863 M.G. Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
864 Duane A. Wilson Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
865 Kyle Spencer Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
866 Sarah Dixon Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
867 Michael A Crognale Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
868 Brad Robinson Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
869 Bernie Herman Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
870 Mike Supan Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
871 Kirsten Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
872 Barbara Girardin Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
873 Jim Pilarski Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
874 Josh Priest Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
875 Barbara B Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
876 Helen Kuhns Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
877 Howard Cook Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
878 Robert Rea Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
879 Gerald Abbott Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
880 Pamela Grothe Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
881 Andrea Moore Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
882 Dunia De La Horra Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
883 Raul Roque Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
884 Kathy Fountaine Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
885 Tanya Boulter Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
886 Sheldon St Clair Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
887 Rick Brennan Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
888 Mary Kate Brogan Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
889 David Hendrickson Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
890 Diane Fellowes Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
891 Jenean Flanagan Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
892 Pam Boatwright Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
893 Pam Boatwright Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
894 Jerome Imrich Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
895 Dave Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
896 Gail M Sparrow Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
897 Tom Bonadeo Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
898 Sarah Morgan Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
899 Cindyhall Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
900 Tracy Outten Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
901 Khalid Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads
902 Kira Tucker Anywhere/Outside Hampton Roads

*This list is comprised of volunteers who registered to map with Catch the King in 2017, and includes more people than the 722 volunteers who were noted as registered volunteers through the free Sea Level Rise (iOS/Android) app, as some volunteer numbers are not represented in the Guinness Record for those who: 1) Mapped using Esri's Crowdsource Data map instead, 2) Mapped in pairs, or 3) Were signed up as school students who mapped with a guardian with a smart phone. 

Jon Derek Loftis (Organizer - Flood Modeling)

Dr. J. Derek Loftis is one of the core team members to have launched the Catch the King tide mapping project starting with Hampton Roads in 2017. His main reason for joining the team was to help train others how to use the Sea Level Rise mobile application to monitor flood observations in Hampton Roads and compare them with the street-level flood forecast models he develops at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William & Mary. Dr. Loftis has been an avid collector and user of the Sea Level Rise Mobile App data, working to map flooding events with Skip Stiles in Norfolk since Hurricane Joaquin 2015.

The two mapped the minor storm surge influences of Hurricanes Hermine and Matthew in 2016 and Jose and Maria in 2017, and Derek used the wealth of data from the app to improve the underlying assumptions of his predictive inundation model for Norfolk. As he and Skip slowly trained other users how to collect flood data with the Sea Level Rise App, more volunteers aided the effort to expand the extent of VIMS' street-level inundation model beyond the Elizabeth and Lafayette River systems. A predictive model is only useful if there are ways to verify its accuracy. With rapid expansion of technological innovation, VIMS has embedded Lidar (airborne laser elevation survey data) and buildings extracted from Lidar directly into their physics-based flood models to more realistically characterize flooding through city streets and around buildings throughout VA's coastal zone. These storm tide model forecasts are now available throughout VA via VIMS' SCHISM Hydrodynamic Model, which drives its Tidewatch Maps 36-hr forecasts, available at:

Realizing each of these modeling assumptions are different for VA than in other states, and not content with waiting for a major storm event to potentially identify potential inconsistencies in his flood models, Derek works each year to use data from the highest tide of the year to validate the accuracy of his model while aiding educational outreach regarding flood hazards and sea level rise in relatively safe flooding conditions. Dr. Loftis' flood forecasting and modeling research is funded by the VA Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding Resiliency, a university partnership between the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Old Dominion University, and the College of William & Mary's VA Coastal Policy Center.

David Mayfield (Founder & Organizer - Media Support)

Dave Mayfield grew up far from any ocean, in the mountains of northern West Virginia, but eventually made his way down to the shores of Hampton Roads in 1984 to begin a career at The Virginian-Pilot.
Throughout his 34 years at The Pilot, Dave wrote and edited thousands of stories that were saltwater-flavored. He got to know the busy waterfront shipping terminals, went to sea with the Navy on ships and submarines and oversaw coverage of the cleanup of local waterways.

During his last job at the newspaper, reporting on the environment, Dave devoted an increasing percentage of his time to sea level rise. With the rising tides disrupting daily lives more and more, Dave began wondering how he and The Pilot could better contribute to the region’s understanding of this threat.

The idea for Catch the King came to Dave one bleak late winter afternoon in 2017, and before he even talked with his editor, he called Skip Stiles, the executive director of the nonprofit Wetlands Watch. Skip’s group had the tide-measuring SeaLevelRise app that Dave envisioned an entire community using. Could the app support hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously making high tide measurements? And as importantly, would all of the data collected be helpful?
With Skip’s encouragement, Dave next called Derek Loftis, a Ph.D. research scientist at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. Derek, like Skip, was enthusiastic. With the duo as a backup, Dave took the idea to his editors at The Pilot. They liked it so much that they invited the Daily Press, WHRO Public Media and WVEC-TV to join in. 
The unusual media partnership won national attention in the journalism trade press, and it gave Catch the King the boost it needed for a successful launch. 

Dave retired from The Pilot in March 2018, and is now volunteering as a coordinator for Catch the King, working closely with Skip, Derek, volunteer coordinator Qaren Jacklich and a crew of other volunteers, partners and sponsors led by WHRO and the Hampton Roads Sanitation District. He’s gratified that so many people embraced Catch the King and delighted that it has become a core focus of WHRO’s ambitious environmental education initiative. More than 120 schools participated in a year-round Catch the King-inspired flood mapping program launched in 2018!

Qaren Jacklich (Organizer - Volunteer Training)

Qaren Jacklich is the reason Catch the King won this award. Without the comprehensive support she has provided to the initiative's 1000+ volunteers over the past 2 years, this achievement would not have been realized. Qaren's efforts in remote support in scheduling and arranging volunteer training events, personal leadership in teaching most of the 35 training events scheduled before Catch the King in 2017, and answering volunteer emails and registration requests were not perfunctory, and truly fostered the coimmunity support a citizen science project requires to succeed and thrive. Of her efforts, Dr. Loftis notes: 

"I anticipated that when Dave Mayfield first approached me about helping organize Catch the King in the Spring of 2017, that this had the potential to be big. I’m thrilled to see that in just two short years, it has significantly grown to become much larger than just me, Skip, and a handful of his friends mapping inundation from storms and tides with our phones in Virginia. With Qaren's help, it has grown to be recognized as the largest environmental survey on the planet, in terms of data contributions."

It takes a lot of patience and peerless organization skills to track and manage a team of Catch the King's size, a task that Qaren manages with aplomb. Qaren also serves as the volunteer coordinator for the large volunteer effort surrounding the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's "Clean the Bay Day".  

William Skip Stiles (Organizer - App Development)

William A. (Skip) Stiles, Jr. is executive director of Wetlands Watch, a statewide nonprofit environmental group based in Norfolk, VA.

Prior to his current position, starting in 1998, Mr. Stiles was an independent consultant, providing editorial and public policy services to a number of clients on issues related to science, the environment, and public policy. A partial list of his clients includes: the White House Office of Science Policy, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Pew Center on Agricultural Biotechnology, RAND Corporation, and the National Academy of Sciences.

Before that, Mr. Stiles served 22 years in Congress in a variety of senior staff positions – as chief of staff for Congressman George E. Brown, Jr. of California, staff director of a House Agriculture subcommittee, and Legislative Director for the House Science Committee.

He served on the Virginia Climate Change Commission in 2008. He is a board member of the Virginia Conservation Network (a statewide coalition of 120+ environmental groups). Together with his oceanographer wife, Dr. Margaret Mulholland, he teaches a graduate class in public policy at Old Dominion University. He lives in Norfolk, VA, and is a graduate of the College of William and Mary.

Skip Stiles and Wetlands Watch have been working for nearly a dozen years helping Virginia communities deal with flooding and sea level rise. Speaking to civic leagues, service clubs, and community and religious organizations he has come to respect the concern and expertise found in the general public in coastal Virginia. Wanting to focus that energy on the changes needed in coastal communities, Wetlands Watch asked Norfolk-based Concursive Inc. to develop a smart phone app that would allow citizens to report and map flood events. The app, Sea Level Rise, has proven to be an effective tool in getting data and, more important, forming networks of individuals seeking positive change along the shoreline.

Last year's Catch the King event was the culmination of that work as hundreds of people took to the shoreline to map the fall high tide event. This year will be even larger and Wetlands Watch hopes to grow the use of the app and this event into a major statewide effort. 

David Richards (Organizer - App Development)

David Richards is the CEO of Concursive Corp., the Norfolk, VA, based app developer of the Sea Level Rise mobile application used to aggregate and map the volunteers' flood monitoring GPS data, pictures, and notes recorded during each user's generated events for flood monitoring. David received his BA from Williams College and his MBA from the Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia. 

Since 1989, David has worked with a combination of mature and growth companies. He began his career as President of AutoNet, Inc in 1989 and served in that capacity for two years. After AutoNet, David joined the Greensboro (NC) News & Record, a subsidiary of Landmark Communications in the role of Vice-President / Sales & Marketing. After serving with the News & Record David moved into the position of Vice President / Corporate Development at Landmark. In April 1998, David was named Chairman & CEO of Physicians' Online. At that time Physicians' Online was the largest authenticated community of on-line physicians in the world (+ 200,000 MD members), and it was a turnaround that David successfully sold after 18 months for $180 million prior to his departure in December 1999. David founded Concursive Corporation in January 2000 to focus on application development. 

What: Catch the King is a citizen-science flood mapping initiative centered in Hampton Roads, VA, that aims to annually map the king tide's maximum inundation extents with the goal of validating and improving predictive models for more accurate future flood forecasting. 

When: Catch the King was announced by Guinness World Records on Earth Day 2019 to have achieved the "Most Contributions to an Environmental Survey", for Catch the King's environmental survey on November 5, 2017.

Where: Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA

Why: The award was recognized by Guinness in response to an application letter submitted by Dr. Loftis in on behalf of Catch the King after the overwhelming volunteer participation the initiative received in its inaugural year. The application letter was submitted alongside the GPS and volunteer data records from the event and several citizen testimonials requested by the Daily Press and the Virginian-Pilot

How: Catch the King is presently the World Record Holder with 59,718 survey contributions in the fom of high water marks. Additionally, 1,582 photographs were also collected by 722 individual volunteers who uploaded both to the free Sea Level Rise mobile application over a 6-hour king tide nuisance flooding event throughout coastal Virginia, USA, on November 5th, 2017. 

Bottom Line: Catch the King is now certifiably the World's Largest Environmental Survey, in terms of total data contributions [59,718] in the shortest amount of time [6 hours].

Read the Guinness World Record application letter below: